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5th May, 2017

manogi left a reply on Query Strings Not Passing To Controller, Anything Based On _GET Not Working • 1 year ago

Wait - my problem ist not exactly the same, as it seems NO GET parameters get throught at all. I tried catching them right on the first line of public/index.php (empty array, while it shows the parameters on my local machine).

manogi left a reply on Query Strings Not Passing To Controller, Anything Based On _GET Not Working • 1 year ago

I have exactly the same problem on a Forge server (PHP 7.1) - did you find out what the error was?

16th November, 2016

manogi left a reply on Laravel Is A Giant Waste Of Time • 1 year ago

Please don't forget that you can always ask things in the comment section.

When something went to quick for me or I don't get my head around something, I just ask in the comments. Either a more skilled dev than me or Jeffrey himself will usually answer pretty quickly.

And actually I'm glad that Jeffrey uses some shortcuts and tricks from time to time, because it makes me learn those tricks and get more efficient in coding myself. I'm talking about bash aliases (using "art" instead of "php artisan" for example), Sublime Text shortcuts and plugins etc. If he always stuck to refraining from his own shortcuts, I'd probably not have learned half as many myself. The same here: ask about it in the comments and it will be explained, most probably.

2nd November, 2016

manogi left a reply on Vuex Todo App By Paul Adams • 1 year ago

I think you should read through the docs - they are not too long and explain a lot to get startet with Vuex:

[Vuex Docs] (

[Getters are explained here] (

"@change" is just the Vue shorthand for "v-on:change" [See here in the Vue docs] (

6th June, 2016

manogi left a reply on Subdomains With Laravel Valet • 2 years ago

Yes! Thanks!

27th April, 2016

manogi left a reply on Troubles With Sparkpost • 2 years ago

@stefr wow and yay - this works great for me! Thanks!

manogi left a reply on Troubles With Sparkpost • 2 years ago

I use sparkpost as the mail driver under Laravel 5.2 and then the built in "Mail" API. But how come "subject" ist passed, but "campaign_id" is not?

manogi left a reply on Troubles With Sparkpost • 2 years ago

Thanks @richeland.

The underlying package used in the Mail() class is SwiftMailer. I found a way to send headers with the message, but for some reason when I set the "subject" this way it works, but when I try to set "campaign_id" like this it does not seem to have an effect - maybe this is something to look at?

This works: ´´´ $swiftMessage = $message->getSwiftMessage(); $headers = $swiftMessage->getHeaders(); $headers->addTextHeader('subject', 'my custom subject...'); ´´´ "my custom subject..." appears as the subject when I looke at the "Message Events" in Sparkpost.

This does not work: ´´´ $headers->addTextHeader('campaign_id', 'my custom campaign name...'); ´´´ The campaign name won't show up in Sparkpost.

manogi left a reply on Passing Custom Parameters For SparkPost API Call • 2 years ago

I have the same problem and so far only got halfway there - maybe you can go with this info:

I found a way to add headers, and Sparkpost will understand the "subject" header like so:

$swiftMessage = $message->getSwiftMessage();
$headers = $swiftMessage->getHeaders();
$headers->addTextHeader('subject', 'my custom subject...');

But trying to set the campaign_id the same way does not seem to have any effect:

$headers->addTextHeader('campaign_id', 'my custom campaign name...');

The campaign name won't show up in Sparkpost :-(

Maybe it helps a little....

manogi left a reply on Troubles With Sparkpost • 2 years ago

I'm also interested i exactly these questions...

4th April, 2016

manogi left a reply on Saving An Intervention Image Instance Into Amazon S3 • 2 years ago

Wow - this mega helped me. Thanks!

14th March, 2016

manogi left a reply on Octobercms, Forge, Envoyer Workflows? • 2 years ago

For anyone who's interested, here is my workflow for :

  • Having a working test website locally
  • Deploying to my production website via Forge (This is a simple setup, no staging server is used).
  1. make new empty repo in github

  2. clone repo to local system

  3. make new forge site:

  • remove "public" Web Directory
  • make site
  • uncheck "Install Composer Dependencies" repository
  • install repo
  • edit deploy script: remove 2 lines:

composer install --no-interaction --no-dev --prefer-dist
php artisan migrate --force
  • add line:
php artisan october:up
  1. download october installer on local system

  2. push to github

  3. deploy once in forge

  4. Install a site locally and install a site on your forge location ("from scratch")

  5. Delete install.php and /install_files locally and on your forge location

  6. change gitignore locally:

  1. Turn on Quick Deploy in Forge

  2. Start coding your custom themes and custom plugins locally and push to deploy whenevev you like.

Using gulp, bower etc:

I personally use sass, bower and gulp in my theme assets folder. If you'd like to do something similar, make sure to gitignore the source folders for your sass/css, and also you js (if you use gulp to combine your js files like me) and publish only your destination folders for css and js. I my case this looks like this in my gitignore file at root level - in your case of course things might differ, and of course you could use gitinore files in the respective folders (I just like to have everything in one place):

/themes/[your theme name]/assets/src
/themes/[your theme name]/assets/vendor
/themes/[your theme name]/assets/node_modules
/themes/[your theme name]/assets/.bowerrc
/themes/[your theme name]/assets/bower.json
/themes/[your theme name]/assets/gulpfile.js
/themes/[your theme name]/assets/package.json

Using third party PHP in your custom plugin:

I often need to include third party libraries that are not included in October CMS. This is how I do it: Locally I use composer in my plugin folder to install the libaries. Then I make sure composer.json and composer.lock are gitignored:

/plugins/[your author name]/[your plugin name]/composer.json
/plugins/[your author name]/[your plugin name]/composer.lock

Everytime push to deploy, the third party libraries are also pushed.

Of course this is just one way of doing it - and when I work on a Laravel app without October CMS I would not do it this way, but instead gignore my vendor file and publish my composer.lock file and let composer on the production server install the dependencies, but when working with October I found it easier to not have running composer on the production server.

Hope this helps someone.

15th January, 2016

manogi left a reply on Failed Deployment Of Non Laravel Project • 2 years ago

Hi everyone, yes I have on simple PHP-Site that also has the two lines (composer and artisan) again that I either commented out or removed - I don't remember which:

cd /home/forge/
git pull origin master
composer install --no-interaction --no-dev --prefer-dist
php artisan migrate --force

No big deal though - I just mention it since you asked.

24th September, 2015

manogi left a reply on Cache Tags Removed In L5 ? • 2 years ago

It's also back in the docs since a few weeks now.

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