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10th August, 2017

ljanneh left a reply on UML Class Diagram For Laravel Project • 11 months ago

Thanks @mikefolsom for your respond. I'm not trying to build a database schema of my application.

I am working on a project at the college which required me to have a class diagram of my codes. I don't know to achieve this on Laravel. Please I need assistance.

7th August, 2017

ljanneh started a new conversation UML Class Diagram Fpr Laravel Project • 11 months ago

I'm trying to design a UML class diagram for my project which is build on laravel. How do I design a class diagram for a Laravel project? please I need guidance because I'm coming to work on a bigger project in laravel 5.4.

http://imgur.com/a/Fw2AA is the sample class diagram on task management system.

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