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2 months ago
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Replied to Checking If All The Array Items Are Empty


From the PHP docs

Unless you mean something else like checking if each key is empty. Maybe you have a more practical example array?

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Replied to Attaching Remote Files Which Are Stored In AWS S3 Bucket, While Sending An Email In Laravel.

I was looking for the solution to this problem tonight and came across this thread. So let's give it a proper answer in case anyone other than me goes searching before checking the docs. As of at least 5.7, you can use attachFromStorageDisk

From the docs for 5.8:

The attachFromStorageDisk method may be used if you need to specify a storage disk other than your default disk:

 * Build the message.
 * @return $this
public function build()
   return $this->view('email.orders.shipped')
               ->attachFromStorageDisk('s3', '/path/to/file');

There is an optional third parameter for name. If not specified, it uses basename on the path. An optional fourth parameter takes an array of options.

2 months ago
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Replied to Profile Pages Don't Show Forum Activity

Same. Logged out and back in. Emptied cache / hard refresh. No activity.

5 months ago
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Replied to Horizon/Redis - Multiple Server Setup?

Faced with the same problem, this issue really drove our selection of cloud provider. We built a VPC on AWS with multiple, load balanced application servers connected to a clustered ElastiCache Redis. Without knowing more about your workloads and your requirements for reliability, I can't really opine further other than to say you don't horizontally scale with multiple, independent nodes. You need a single node you run on a dedicated instance or a managed solution like ElastiCache.

I wouldn't run your Redis on one of your app servers. While running your own Redis instance means you can defer and control the timing of maintenance, you'll have a failure or need to upgrade software or etc. Then you'll have to consider the data in your cache. Do you need to migrate it? Using a managed service like ElastiCache eliminates those issues, but doesn't free you from having some maintenance down time. We tested with a single Redis instance but found out that availability can be affected by the periodic maintenance AWS does. We have a critical path where we can't accept minutes-long interruptions so we run in clustered mode. They also recently improved availability when in clustered mode to allow writes to continue while maintenance is occurring. That said, during our test period of 8 months, we only had one maintenance event that made Redis unavailable for nearly 10 minutes.

You may have no other choice for hosting/hardware, but if you do consider AWS, they have a ton of reference material. Let me know if I can be more specific about anything.