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3 months ago
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Replied to Popper.js.map - Failed To Load Resource: The Server Responded With A Status Of 404 (Not Found)

Unfortunately I can’t remember. This was such a long time ago, perhaps it’s best to do a project wide search for any keywords?

I’m sorry I cannot be more helpful.

4 months ago
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Replied to Laravel Valet Wordpress Redirect

@nickbasham i couldn’t get this to work in the end either it was a shame as it is would be a good alternative to mamp that I usually use for Wordpress projects

5 months ago
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Replied to Multiple Vue.js Apps With A Single Backend

@slothlike Thank you for your very detailed answer - especially for trying to separate it from Laravel. I will be using Nuxt.js for an upcoming application - the application that I was writing for this project is on indefinite hold. Webpack is used in Nuxt.js so the configuration will not be too different.

At the time I could not seem to get the idea out of my head that this would be the correct approach for a large application (write smaller sub apps that then combine to make the larger application).

The problem I had in the end was authentication and authorising the user as they swapped applications (the only way I could see was storing an authentication token in Vuex - however that would only work for one of the sub-apps). When the user goes to another app they are essentially unauthorised. I could not find a way to 'share' the Vuex store between applications.

I have seen forum threads on other sites that say if the sub apps are all on the same domain then you can use another type of authorisation - but I don't really understand how this works without token authorisation considering you are decoupling the frontend and backend.

I would like to have this figured out before my next project starts - as I think this approach scales better. At the moment I think the only to approach to the problem is to have one large Vue (or Nuxt) application.

6 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Multiple Vue.js Apps With A Single Backend


I have been following the Vue.js series on Laracasts and would like to use Vue.js as the frontend. The backend I am using is Django.

The backend I am using consists of multiple applications, and I would prefer to create separate Vue.js applications for each backend application (that can be run & tested individually). The applications will also have to share components when required. I would like to use webpack as the bundle manager.

I have been looking at Nuxt.js as well, with the possibility of using server side rendering and other features.

To get me started:

  1. Is this classed as a MPA? I ask because as these will be multiple, separate SPA Vue applications (but bound by shared components)
  2. How do you structure such a project? I have seen things from using multiple entry points, but to me that is entering a single application, not having separate applications. Would a single webpack configuration be able to bundle and compile down the separate applications/assets?(If so how) I know this is subjective, but another opinion would be great.

If I have have misunderstood any concepts, please do let me know. I usually work with the server side applications so this is my first real project including the front-end aspects.