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Level 1
460 XP
21 Jun
3 years ago

jvv left a reply on Dynamic Video Src

Thanks Dave! I got it working in my codebase.

jvv started a new conversation Dynamic Video Src

I can get a video element into my page, and set the source to the proper src & mime(type). When I hardcode src & type everything works, when I try to set them with vue through v-bind:src / v-bind:type the video doesn't seem to load. I think I'm missing something simple :-) Can anybody point me into the right direction?

fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/82ytrpa7/1/

26 Apr
3 years ago

jvv left a reply on Creating Google Map Markers From AJAX Data

The documentation for vue-google-maps is on the wiki page in github.

07 Apr
3 years ago

jvv started a new conversation $set With Variable Keypath

I'm currently working on a simple filemanager component which I trigger from parent component. After selecting media in the filemanager I $dispatch a simple data object with 2 keys: element & media. I use element to keep track where I want the media to be appended to my current data object and media has the media information (id, type, name and so on). This setup gives me some trouble when I want to $set the media data to variables within my data object. The variables are locales, so: nl-NL, de-NL and so on.

setMediaForPage : function(data){
        // set for all locales
        var obj = this;
        this.application.locales.forEach(function(element, index, array) {
            obj.$set(obj.page.media[element.locale], data.media);
        // set for 1 locale
        this.$set(this.page.media[this.selectedLanguage], data.media);

What happens when I run this code is that the data object shows up properly in Vue Devtools data object, but the media does not show up in the template. When I switch the language (by changing the this.selectedLanguage value), the media does show up.

I think this has to do with the variables in the object keypath, but I'm not 100% sure about that. Any thoughts on how to improve this code so I can show the selected media in the parent component without having to change the this.selectedLanguagevalue?

05 Apr
3 years ago

jvv left a reply on Vue.js Pushing Row Based On The Number In The Textbox

You could do that with JavaScript's splice method. Something like:

this.rows.splice( "input-value", 0, {});

18 Mar
3 years ago

jvv left a reply on Vuejs Multilanguage App

The use of '-NL' in the locale object might have given it away ;-) (and you're welcome)

16 Mar
3 years ago

jvv left a reply on Vue DevTools In Production App

Here is what Evan You said regarding production/development builds after a question from a user regarding the 'hackernews' example where devtools weren't showing up:

This is because the deployed Hackernew app is in production mode, it strips all the devtools hooks (for both performance and security reasons). devtools will only work for non-production builds.


Not completely an answer to your question and I guess, security wise, it all depends on the application you are building. Do you want to allow your users to easily change data / settings?

jvv left a reply on Vuejs Multilanguage App

Ah I see :) I updated a bit : https://jsfiddle.net/j46x0feb/2/

  • On ready it tries to match locale from user with the defined locales
  • If there is no exact match, it will match on the first 2 characters

My browser locale is en-US, on loading this view the selectedLocale is set to en-NL.

There is also a watcher now for selectedLocale - you could use this to load the resources needed from your server.

(perhaps still not exactly what you are looking for though :))

15 Mar
3 years ago

jvv left a reply on Vuejs Multilanguage App

Perhaps not what you are looking for, but I created a quick example for multilingual with vuejs: https://jsfiddle.net/j46x0feb/

03 Mar
3 years ago

jvv left a reply on Append Html With Laravel Data After Ajax Success

@Raimondas - no need to get the foreach value, if you append a new div to the current bids output you only need one extra div.

19 Feb
3 years ago
18 Feb
3 years ago

jvv started a new conversation Localization And Parent/child Communication

I'm working on a localized application, in which the root component retrieves all available locales which can be used throughout the app. On getting the locales it will broadcast this data.

My child components have some issue working with these locales. I made a small fiddle showing some/most of my issues: https://jsfiddle.net/718thn9o/ (the child template is pretty much the same as parent - sorry for this ugly formatting)

It seems as if the data I'm broadcasting does not work reactive properly, but I can't figure out what it is. In the example given the Parent (root) works as expected, but the child only slightly works after user filled out some data. And even after filling out it does not work properly (no value switch on language select)

Probably, I've skipped an important section in the manual. If anyone can show me what I'm doing wrong here I'd most appreciate it.

16 Feb
3 years ago

jvv left a reply on Setting Up Html2pdf In Laravel 5.1

The error states that there already is some output (your view file). You want the PDF to be the output, try to move the generate PDF code to a function in your controller.