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2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
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Started a new Conversation Promise: Wait For This.$auth.check() To Evaluate


I want to do a certain action based on if the user is authenticated or not. The thing is, if I put a simple if statement that checks

if (this.$auth.check()) { ... } else { ... }

It always goes to the else statement because this.$auth.check() takes a minute or two to evaluate. I am not familiar with Promises and what not so I was wondering how I could let the function wait for the this.$auth.check() to potentially be true.

var authenticated = await this.$auth.check()

I tried the above but it didn't work..

Any help is appreciated.

1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Dynamic Render Function In Vue Instance Based On Authentication


I'm adding JWT authentication to my Vue app and I have my Login.vue and App.vue seperated which means that I don't want to render the App.vue when the user is not logged in.

new Vue({
    render: function (app) {
        if (this.$auth.check()) {
            return app(App);
        } else {
            return app(Login);

This works but since


Takes a second to load you see the Login app being rendered for a second and then it switches to the App. How can I fix this? I think I should use await but I can't get it to work properly.

3 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Best Practice For Models With Lots Of Relations/calculations

I am building a SPA application using Vue/Laravel. It is a financial application with a lot of models two of which are important for this matter, namely Users and Transactions. A Transaction can be booked on a User which mutates the 'balance' property of the User. It is possible that there will be hundreds of Users each of them with at least a hundred Transactions booked on them.

I was wondering what the best architecture for this project would be.

I have two options in mind:

  1. Add a 'balance' property to the User's table and update this property every time (more code and bugs)
  2. Add a 'balance' property as a getter method to the User model and calculate it's balance everytime the user is fetched (less code/bugs but worse performance)

When using method 2, I quickly found out that fetching all users took quite a bit (3-4 seconds with just 30 users and 500 transactions). Maybe my code is inefficient? The getter method was just something like

foreach ($this->transactions() as $transaction) { $total += $transaction->amount; }

The balance would be updated quite often so caching the result of 2 wouldn't help a lot because I'd have to flush the cache everytime a transaction is booked/created/updated.

3 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Eloquent: Opposite Of Sum

I want the opposite of


So that it doesn't add but instead subtracts the property of all models.