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12 Apr
3 years ago

jorgejavierleon left a reply on Validator: Unique

have you tried it with conditional rules?

$validator->sometimes('product_name', 'unique:products, product_name', function($input) {
    $department =  Department::find($input->department_id);
    return $department->products()->where('product_name',  $input->product_name)->count();
02 Apr
3 years ago

jorgejavierleon left a reply on Interfaces In OOP

I agree, it’s not that easy to implement interfaces, and it is a bit of an art knowing when is appropriate. In the case you mention, I think you should consider some of those classes as abstracts. Interfaces are just contracts, you can have a DogInterface for your Dog class is that make sense for the project. I think Animal, for example, should be an abstract class, and you can make an AnimalInterface if you need that contract.

31 Mar
3 years ago

jorgejavierleon left a reply on Navigate Betwenn 3 Association

Don't use the parenthesis when calling the relations. That's for chaining query constraints.

Do it like this $topic->subCategory->category->isHidden()

30 Mar
3 years ago

jorgejavierleon left a reply on Having Trouble Running Php Artisan Migrate:refresh

Add the table to the on method $table->foreign('user_id')->references('id')->on('users')->onDelete('cascade')

29 Mar
3 years ago

jorgejavierleon left a reply on DRY Repositories Interfaces

Thanks for the link @davestewart , I will read the comments and see if I decide to stick with my old concretes repositories instead.

@tag has some great points in there,

DRY can be a double-edged sword as it's a form of coupling, which in itself is maintenance

jorgejavierleon started a new conversation DRY Repositories Interfaces

Hi. I have some doubts about my repositories design. I want to code to an interface all my repositories (although I don’t see myself swapping eloquent any time soon, I want to do that mostly for making my testing easier and to respect the SOLID principles ).

So, for my User model I will have a UserRepositoryInterface and then a DbUserRepository

Also, to avoid duplication, DbUserRepository it’s going to extend and abstract DbBaseRepository with common eloquent methods, all(), find(), etc.

Now, the problem I see is that, even with the abstract DbBaseRepository, I still need to duplicate mostly the same code for all my interfaces. I surely don’t want to do that.

Am I missing something here? Should I have a BaseInterface as well for all my interfaces?

Do you have any recommendations?

28 Mar
3 years ago

jorgejavierleon left a reply on Laravel 5.2 - Socialite - First And Last Name

You could check the result of the api call and see what object are you getting. Linkedin, for example, return an object with an user array, and in there, the first_name and last_name.

$linkedinUser = $this->socialite->driver('linkedin')->user());

$attributes = [
            'first_name' => $linkedinUser->user['firstName'],
            'last_name' => $linkedinUser->user['lastName'],
            'email' => $linkedinUser->email,
            'avatar' => $linkedinUser->avatar,
            'linkedin_id' => $linkedinUser->id

27 Mar
3 years ago

jorgejavierleon left a reply on Displaying Pretty Names For :attributes On Validator

In the folder for your languages, e.g. resources/lang/es, you need to create a file named 'validation.php' with a general array, and inside of it an array of attributes. Like this one


return [

    | Validation Language Lines
    | The following language lines contain the default error messages used by
    | the validator class. Some of these rules have multiple versions such
    | as the size rules. Feel free to tweak each of these messages here.

    "accepted"             => "El campo :attribute debe ser aceptado.",
    "active_url"           => "El campo :attribute no es una URL válida.",

    | Custom Validation Language Lines
    | Here you may specify custom validation messages for attributes using the
    | convention "attribute.rule" to name the lines. This makes it quick to
    | specify a specific custom language line for a given attribute rule.

    'custom' => [
        'attribute-name' => [
            'rule-name' => 'custom-message',

    | Custom Validation Attributes
    | The following language lines are used to swap attribute place-holders
    | with something more reader friendly such as E-Mail Address instead
    | of "email". This simply helps us make messages a little cleaner.

    'attributes' => [
        'email' => 'E-mail',
        'password' => 'clave'       

26 Mar
3 years ago

jorgejavierleon left a reply on Laravel 5.2 Roles

the very next step could be creating an admin middleware that chek if the auth user has the role admin, to protect the admin routes. Have a look at

jorgejavierleon left a reply on Not Displaying The Desired Output

ohffs is right. Laravel is lookin for the user_id field in your orders table. If you want to keep naming the field "customer_id", you need to override the convention in the custorder() relation, like this return $this->hasMany('App\Order, 'customer_id'); Here is the documentation

25 Mar
3 years ago

jorgejavierleon left a reply on Logging Jobs

How about implementing the decorator pattern. In the video decorating-repositories Jeffrey explain how to stack functionality, like logging or caching, by applying that pattern .

jorgejavierleon left a reply on Validating On Update

I manage to get the ids for the rules method passing it as a route argument, and then calling it like this $this->get('id')

The controller method is like this

public function update(UpdateUserRequest $request, $id)


And in the rules method of the FormRequest

public function rules()
        return ['email' => 'required|email|unique:users,email,'.$this->get('Id')];