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23 Mar
2 days ago

jerschmidt14 left a reply on Modal Form Bootstrap

Thanks Cronix! Will give a try. BTW, for anyone looking, i have found an example.

jerschmidt14 left a reply on Modal Form Bootstrap

Hi Cronix. Thanks for the response! I was thinking of this as well, but the problem is that the table list is on a stateless page. You can't be sure when the last time it was refreshed (could be hours). if another user comes in and edits, it will be an issue. i want to load the values at the time the person clicks the edit button. I think i will try doing an ajax call to the rest controller, send all the values back using json, and then load them at the time. was hoping for an example, but i will try it out. as well, i would like the table to be dynamically refreshed on the page without an ugly Postback (page refresh). I will try this using a div around the table and refreshing the html inside.


22 Mar
3 days ago

jerschmidt14 started a new conversation Modal Form Bootstrap


I have a table on the screen that shows some of the fields on the record, but not all. I want to click a button and just pass the Id back hopefully to a controller (that way you get a fresh set of data from the database as well in case of concurrency issues). I was hoping to store the form for the modal in a blade housing a bootstrap form and use an include in the section for the modal form. Normally for a simple page, i would call a controller (passing the id) that returns the view, but this is a little different. is there any example on passing a variable number of fields to the blade? or do i write PHP database code in the blade? All the examples i have seen just pass up the data that is in the table on the screen, which isn't what i need.


Field1 Field2 Field3 abc def 123 Edit Delete

Opens up a model form with


Field 2 < def >

field 3 <123 >

field 4

field 5

field 6

SAVE, close



14 Feb
1 month ago

jerschmidt14 left a reply on Base URL

Hi Singnar and Snapey,

Thank-you for your solutions! I got the one from Signar to work. My issue was that i didn't have to URL rewrite installed. Works like charm! Thanks again.

 I don't have control of DNS where i work, so my choice was to use virtual directories.  



13 Feb
1 month ago

jerschmidt14 started a new conversation Base URL

Hi, so I want to host my app in iis. I have many apps running and each has its own virtual directory. I have Laravel working on it. Well almost. To get to my app you go http://server/appname. I noticed that my routes don’t work route(‘/test’). And I put all links in as {{ url(‘/route’) }} in the blades. Is there anyway to override the route and URL functions so that they would return /app name/route without me making a mess and hard Coding? I tried putting in the app.php but doesn’t seem to work. I did notice people overriding some methods but being as I am a noob, I need to know specific files to put code in. I am using Laravel 5.7. Thanks in advance!

30 Jun
8 months ago

jerschmidt14 left a reply on Return Array From Stored Procedure


Thanks to everyone who replied!

I ended using pluck and writing a wrapper function for it.

private function ArrayToKevValue($arrayIn,$keyColumn,$valueColumn) {

return (Arr::pluck($ArrayIn,$valueColumn,$keyColumn));


BTW, ensure to include his library:

use Illuminate\Support\Arr;

However, this does seem like such as waste (doing a foreach to load it after it is already loaded). Loading into a format I don't want, and then converting it back.

Good news though. I did find another article that you can get the connection, and use that to loop through a pdo array, which seems to be more my liking. I am interested in speed of load. In case you are interested, check out:

at the bottom a poster called cokercake showed an example. I will try this out in future.

Being an old C++ coder, I just hate wasting cycles AND I want fast web pages.


28 Jun
8 months ago

jerschmidt14 started a new conversation Return Array From Stored Procedure

Hi, I want the results from a stored proc into an array with key and value. In laravel from a select i can do:


i get an array like

[0] = 'jeremy' [1] = 'test'

however, when i do

\DB::connection('testdb')->select("call up_test('1');");

i get an array like

0 => {#1313 ▼ +"keyid": "0" +"valuecolumn": "test" }

which i don't want. I would like in a standard array like the pluck does.



17 Apr
11 months ago

jerschmidt14 left a reply on Unique Indexes On A Composite Key

Thank you! I will give this a try.

15 Apr
11 months ago

jerschmidt14 started a new conversation Unique Indexes On A Composite Key

I have a table that has a unique composite key (car,city). I also have a unique id on the table for Laravel. I would like to make sure that nobody inserts the same car, city when one already exists. So i defined a unique key in mysql on my table. I would like to trap this error, and display a friendly on back to the user. Is it best to put this error trapping in the controller, or should i do something in the model instead? What is the best way?

06 Apr
11 months ago

jerschmidt14 left a reply on Default Values On Save

I think i am getting closer. I have put this in the BaseModel class which extends model. I use this class for all of my models. I only want to update "TestValue" if i have the attribute on the model. Still doesn't seem to be setting, although the code is called. I put in a sample value of 2, however in the real world, i will be setting to the value returned from a function.

jerschmidt14 left a reply on Default Values On Save

Hi jlrdw. I don't want to use the controller to do this as i have many referencing the model. I would like to default the value inside the model everytime someone saves (insert or update).

jerschmidt14 started a new conversation Default Values On Save

Hi, i would like to override field value(s) when i do a save. I would like to put this in the model, so that every time a save is called, it will default the value. That way i don't have to create custom save routines for each model. I have tried putting in a dd, but it seems it is never being called.

public function __save ($name_equals = null, array $options = array()) { $this->attributes['Testfield'] = 55; //dd('I am here'); // Do great things...

        parent::save($options); // Calls Default Save

I have also tried doing without success public $attributes = ['TestField' => 55'];

As well above doesn't allow me to call a function to set the field (which i would also like to do).

28 Mar
11 months ago

jerschmidt14 left a reply on Laravel Recommended Host

Ok. Thanks Everyone!

jerschmidt14 started a new conversation Laravel Recommended Host

Hi, We are looking at hosting our Laravel app. All the development seems to point to using Apache. We would like to use IIS because it allows us to us windows authentication. Are there any drawbacks of using Laravel on IIS? I did a POC, and it seems to work fine.



jerschmidt14 left a reply on Authentication

Thanks Snapey! I found the issue. I have put the code in a middleware component instead and referenced in the kernel.php. This allows it to run every time the page loads. I think it wasn't remembering I was logged in between postbacks. I execute the routing as one of the last middleware calls. Works well.

27 Mar
11 months ago

jerschmidt14 started a new conversation Authentication

I am trying to auto-login a user. I have put the following code in a controller. I access the control from a route post.

    if (Auth::guest())
        print_r("You are currently a guest.<br />");
        if ($result) {                        
            $user = User::find(611);               //hardcoded user id in database
            print_r("Guest Flag \n");
            if (Auth::guest()) {
                print_r("User Logged in");
            return redirect("/");           

Every time i call the page, it shows User Logged in, along with the details of userid 611 which is correct. However, when i redirect to the same page, it does a login again. As well, the rest of my app shows Auth::guest() = true. It seems it is only logged in for the one page?