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13 Dec
1 year ago

gstoa left a reply on Very Very Slow To Speed Up

I also use Laravel Debugbar and usually find that the problem is never with Laravel, but my choice (or lack thereof) of table indexes and partitions.

gstoa started a new conversation Determining When Queued Jobs Are Complete

Every day, I load up a bunch of jobs on a queue where my workers take about an hour to process the queued jobs. I'd like to know when the last job in the queue is processed so that I can do some more processing/loading cache/etc.

Is there a recommended approach to identify when a specific queue is empty?

I can query the jobs table every minute for the queue count but this feels like a hack. I only want to know when the queue count = 0 after the queue was populated, not when the count = 0 for 99% of the day.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

26 Sep
1 year ago

gstoa left a reply on Retry Failed Jobs By Queue Name?

I should have noted that I tried that flag (--queue=default) but that option does not exist on this command.

gstoa started a new conversation Retry Failed Jobs By Queue Name?

I have many different queues and some of them fail. I understand

php artisan queue:retry 5 and php artisan queue:retry all

but how would I retry all of the failed jobs for a specific queue?

23 Feb
2 years ago

gstoa started a new conversation Understanding Spark Registration Flow

I'm trying to figure out the flow and logic (and files used) behind Spark's user registration process. I have gone so far as intentionally commenting out blocks of code to try to force the registration process to break and it still registers users. In short, I am trying to NOT automatically register and login new users until I verify their email address. I've commented out just about everything in the various controllers/auth/registerusers files only to realize that I really don't understand how the spark-induced registration process actually works.

Yes, I try to intentionally break things so that I can really understand how they are assembled!

Am I supposed to be messing around with anything in the app/spark directory or even worse in the vendor/laravel/spark/src directory?

22 Feb
2 years ago

gstoa left a reply on Rename Teams To Companies In Spark

In Spark/src/Configurations/ManagesAppOptions, I see:

public static $teamString = 'team'; 

gstoa left a reply on Email Verification In Laravel And Spark

@mailnike and @jrean Any luck leveraging in a Laravel 5.4/Spark installation?

09 Feb
2 years ago

gstoa left a reply on Use Jquery-ui With Webpack?

I should have spent just a few more minutes investigating before my last post but maybe this will help someone else. In my case, I'm using Spark so the webpack/bootstrap process is slightly different. With the Spark webpack config, I had to add the require to app.js, not bootstrap.js as follows




var app = new Vue({
    mixins: [require('spark')]

Hope this helps! Now jqueryui is available globally in app.js. I had been mixing in jquery-ui into a separate js file which was not exposing my additional jquery modules to be globally available.

gstoa left a reply on Use Jquery-ui With Webpack?

I've been following this thread because I'm having the exact same issue but in a slightly different environment -- a fresh Laravel/Spark install.

@ejdelmonico in your example, are you finding the new jquery-ui code mix'd into your app.js file? My webpack.mix and bootstrap is exactly like yours, but the requre is not pulling the aliased 'jquery-ui-bundle' into app.js.

03 Feb
2 years ago

gstoa started a new conversation Vue, Mix And JQuery Modules When $(document).ready()

I am new to Spark, View and now Mix and am just trying to understand the correct approach to pulling all of these things together in my build process. The problem I am having is, I believe, in the assembly of the core Vue resources into app.js and when/how I am subsequently calling supporting jQuery modules using Vue. For example,


    mix.js('resources/assets/js/app.js', 'public/js/app.js');
        resolve: {
            modules: [
                path.resolve(__dirname, 'vendor/laravel/spark/resources/assets/js'),
            alias: {
                'vue$': 'vue/dist/vue.js'



Vue.component('home', {
    props: ['user'],

    mounted: function() {

                centerMode: true,
                centerPadding: '60px',
                slidesToShow: 3,
                arrows: true



Once I npm run dev, the app.js and ux-core.js files are created and available in the public/js directory as expected. I can see that the Vue component that was specified in home.js is correctly compiled into app.js.

So now it's time to call these freshly compiled assets! In my home.blade.php, I am loading these resources in the following order:

    <script src="/js/app.js"></script>
    <script src="/js/ux-core.js"></script>

The problem I am having is that the call to $('#tour-guide').slick() is happening before jQuery is loaded within app.js. I am sure that I have done something wrong in the Vue mounted area, as I was thinking that the $(document).ready() function would be called after jQuery was loaded.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

09 Jan
2 years ago

gstoa started a new conversation Forge And AWS Cluster For Periodic Batch Workloads?

I have a Laravel application working perfectly through bitbucket/Forge and finally to a small EC2 instance on AWS. 98% of the day, this instance serves up simple web traffic pulling from a mySQL database. However, I have a large batch job that runs every day for about an hour that brings my small instance to a complete stop. I'd like to use the AWS SDK to programmatically launch a new on-demand instance to process my queue then terminate when complete.

I've searched high and low for the best approach but am hoping this community might be able to point me in the right direction.

I want to keep using Forge, if possible, and also want my pushed code to be current on whatever image/AMI I use and was thinking of this type of approach:

  1. Push new code to bitbucket which gets pushed to my "box #1" AWS instance
  2. Use AWS SDK to create new snapshot and AMI of this new image
  3. Run scheduled command to provision a new "box #2" instance using the AMI from step 2 above
  4. This new "box #2" points to the shared database on "box #1"
  5. When all of the processing is complete, "box #2" is terminated

Any suggestions, instructions are appreciated.

26 Oct
2 years ago

gstoa left a reply on Pusher Not Displaying The Message In Laravel 5.3

Take a look at your key, cluster and encrypted settings and make sure they are correct. From your screenshot:

window.Echo = new Echo({ broadcaster: 'pusher', key: 'my-pusher-key', cluster: 'ap1', encrypted: true });

gstoa left a reply on Events & Handlers Not Being Generated

I ran into something similar after creating, then deleting, then attempting to create the same event/handler. Attempting to run event:generate resulted in the following cryptic error:

Symfony\Component\Console\Exception\LogicException] An option with shortcut "q" already exists

As you indicated, simply running composer update resolved the problem.

05 Oct
2 years ago

gstoa left a reply on Importing CSS And JS From Created Template- Laravel 5.3

I was just looking into this as well as I just purchased a similar theme with lots of css and js. I'll be testing an approach of simply using the @import "../../../path" to the app.less file but I'm really not sure if this is a best practice.