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20 Oct
2 years ago

gsc89 left a reply on Issues With Mailgun And Office365/

@luddinus yeah I am looking to try other services I have found but I am still working to resolve this issue as with you all my emails are transactional emails so I don't have unsubscribe links to add to them and all the other points @otepas mentions I have done other than having to ask customer to white list the domain I am sending from as they have far too many customers to be asking this off.

I am going to try a few more free services but wont be till next week as I am working on something else this week, I will let you know if i find a working solution.

07 Oct
2 years ago

gsc89 left a reply on Issues With Mailgun And Office365/

I have come across this problem for anything sending mail through mailgun's free service, I have 10+ domains on mailgun and all of them that send email to office365 will appear under junk regardless of message content, I have tested this with users being setup with mailgun for a regular SMTP service for email and for application emails they all appear in junk / spam for office 365.

SPF / TXT records are all setup correctly so I can only assume this is because of the free service being so popular on Mailgun and the high usage the IP's must have for spammers, shame really.

14 Jan
3 years ago

gsc89 left a reply on Question - Lesson On "Understanding REST"

Ah so to confirm is it possible for me to have 2 resources such as one for users.questions and one for questions or would I need to declare questions on its own manually in that instance?

gsc89 left a reply on Question - Lesson On "Understanding REST"

Ah so just to confirm though Jeffery makes:

Route::Resource('users.questions' ....

Would I need to create the individual route for /questions or would I be safe to have 2 resource routes like:

Route::Resource('questions' .... Route::Resource('users.questions' ....

gsc89 started a new conversation Question - Lesson On "Understanding REST"

OK so I just watched the REST lesson, I am new to Laravel from Codeigniter and I am trying to streamline the way I work and laravel so far seems great and its introducing me to many things I should of been taking advantage in the past.

Anyway so just at the end of this video Jeffery starts talking about how you may want to do something like:


He continued to explain how to change the resource route to accommodate this which I was following up until he listed off his routes and the route for URL/questions (to list all questions) was now gone and based on his routes it seemed to mean I had to specify a user to get questions of that user.

Am I not understanding right or something here?