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Level 2
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3 days ago
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Replied to Extension Of The User Model (database Design)

The company (and contacts) are imported from an existing project. We will have an administration area to manage these data. Like a simple CRM.

Now an additional requirement came up, where a company (and their "employees"/contacts) should be able to modify some of their own data.

A pivot table is possible, but I wonder if this is the most elegant solution for this problem. The default user model has an ID field which can be the primary field, so I had hoped for a really simple solution by just extending the user model and making email nullable. There is currently no other table in our database design which links to a user. If this will be the case later, I think we will use the user_id or user_uuid as a foreign key.

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Started a new Conversation Extension Of The User Model (database Design)


I am trying to design a database with the following constrains:

  • A Company has many Contacts
  • A Contact has optional fields like email, telephone, ...

Now a contact of a company should be able to edit some basic company data. For this, I want to allow each contact (with an email address) to send a signed URL by email which allows him to login. Some contacts do not have an email address, which is fine (they wont be able to login).

My question is now how I should structure this. I have two ideas in my mind:

A) User model extension

Extend the User model with some basic data (telephone for example) and a foreign key to the company. Also the email field should be nullable. This model will then be my "Contact" table. I think this is the cleaner solution, but I am not sure if making the email field nullable will have any consequences later on.


B) Separate user model for login and contact model for contact data

Keep the User model and the Contact model separate. I know have to manage two tables with "user" data: One with the contact data and one which is reponsible for the login.


Any suggestions which is the simpler or more idiomatic approach here?

Thanks, robin

2 weeks ago
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Replied to Testing With Session Data (withSession()) Fails

My config/session.php has this (I did not change it):

'driver' => env('SESSION_DRIVER', 'cookie'),

Thanks for the hint with array, I will use this.

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Replied to Testing With Session Data (withSession()) Fails

I just found a fix for this by adding this to my phpunit.xml:

<server name="SESSION_DRIVER" value="file"/>

I would have guessed that laravel does this automatically when app_env is set to testing.

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Replied to Testing With Session Data (withSession()) Fails

I dont have the Debugbar installed.

My phpunit.xml does have the same line as you posted (APP_ENV = testing).

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Started a new Conversation Testing With Session Data (withSession()) Fails


I'm trying to write a simple test which should make use of some session data. For a simple access controll, a guest can create an item ("Tournament") and the ID of this item is saved in the session. The user should now be able to export some data for this item. Saving the data

I am using the following code

    public function test_admin_export()

        $t = factory(Tournament::class)->create();

        $this->withSession(['tournament_admin' => [$t->id]])

This will return in the following error:

1) Tests\Feature\TournamentsTest::test_admin_export
ErrorException: Trying to get property 'cookies' of non-object


Line 145 is the line with withSession(...).

Any hint what is wrong here?

1 month ago
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Commented on Sometimes Validation With Form Requests

Hey, you can use something like this:

Gate::allows('store', Project::class);

You can then add a store method in your policy which just returns true.