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1 month ago
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Replied to About Queues And Logs...

Ok, thanks!

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Started a new Conversation About Queues And Logs...

Hi! I have some project where i'm using redis queues and of course Laravel, When I create some specific jobs, I've written some code to also create 5 php proccesses to work at the same time (php artisan queue:work --queue=queuename --stop-when-empty). The code works, and effectively it creates 5 php procceses on my server but I'm starting to think thet every proccess tries to write to the same laravel log file, but if another proccess is holding that file, no other thread will be able to write to it.

is it possibly happening? .... Hope someone understand my poor english too...

Thans in advance!

3 months ago
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Replied to Parallel Requests With Guzzle Async

Can you share some of the code you implemented?, maybe you are not handling concurrency correctly. Also maybe that's someting to handle with Laravel jobs and queues.

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Replied to Dispatch Delayed Job Before It's Programmed Time

Sounds good for me, i'll try to do it that .

If someoene else reads this question, I had another "solution" that I must discard because for being too dirty.

I could make this query on redis

       $jobs=Redis::zrange('queues:default:delayed' ,0, -1);

then find on the results the desired Job, delete it and Make a new Job with dispatchNow() function.

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Started a new Conversation Dispatch Delayed Job Before It's Programmed Time

Hi! I need some guidance about how to search for a specific job and dispatch it, I have no code to show because I have no idea where to start. Here´s an explanation about the problem to solve:

I have a system where I receive food orders let´s say at 8:00 a.m , but the order should be delivered at 12:00 a.m. For some business logic reason I need to execute a job (lat´s call it CookTime Job) 10 minutes before deliverying time, so in this case it would be at 11:50, that CookTime job gets delayed on my app until 11h50.

The problem is, it could happen that the customer comes to pick his/her order at 11:30 and in that case I need to recover that CookTime Job and make a call to dispatchNow() function on it.

I'm using Redis in my app and I wouldn't have any problem about making queries directly on Redis if it´s required.

Please excuse me for my poor English, it´s not my native language Thanks in advance for your help!