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23 Jul
6 months ago

evinkuraga left a reply on Laravel Mix Won't Run On A Fresh Install

Fresh install. Tried switch to node node_modules/cross-env/dist/bin/cross-env.js NODE_ENV=

tried : rm -rf node_modules rm package-lock.json yarn.lock npm cache clear --force npm install

tried: npm install cross-env

tried: npm install [email protected] --save npm install [email protected] --save

Nothing worked... I'm out of options. Anyone else managed to get passed this? Again, this is a FRESH install...

03 Oct
3 years ago

evinkuraga started a new conversation Laravel Installation - Transfer Closed While Add Vagrant Box

I've been trying to add the laravel/homestead box by running the command : $ vagrant box add laravel/homestead

The problem is that the box takes quite a while to download even though I actually have a 50mbps connection. After about 15 minutes, the connection closes and I get the message : transfer closed with 832698891 bytes remaining to read

Each time I try to run the command again, I need to delete the contents of my .vagrant.d/tmp/ folder because it can't resume from where it left off... so after a bunch of tries, I was wondering what to do?

I've even tried downloading the file from the browser by going to the url specified : https://vagrantcloud.com/laravel/boxes/homestead/versions/0.3.0/providers/virtualbox.box This gives me a hc-download file that's about 950mb. Then running the command : vagrant box add laravel/homestead ~/downloads/hc-download also gives me an error: x ./box-disk1.vmdk: truncated gzip input bsdtar.EXE: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

At this point, I'm not sure how to address the issue. Searched a few forums and wasn't able to find anything. Any advice?