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29 Aug
10 months ago

devsrv left a reply on How To Do Server Side Rendering With Laravel + React.js + Redux?

spatie/laravel-server-side-rendering is a great package for this. Here you can find video tutorial for React SSR with Laravel -

02 Dec
1 year ago

devsrv left a reply on Elixir : Delete All Comments In Js And CSS Files

@wowrudy Laravel 5.5 uses Mix so you don't need to do anything, webpack does all these staffs for you

devsrv left a reply on Where To Put Custom .babelrc

I'm actually new to all these Babel & Webpack stuffs. This problem actually solved by using stage-2 preset but Babel says Stage-X (Experimental Presets) so is it safe to use?

here is my .babelrc

    "plugins": [
    "presets": [
                "targets": {
                    "browsers": [
                        "> 1%",
                        "last 2 versions"

devsrv left a reply on Where To Put Custom .babelrc

Thanks @tykus its working perfectly

I was trying to compile react with the below new syntax but webpack was unable to do that

class FormInpFld extends Component {
    state = { value: '' };

    handleValueChange = (e) => {
        this.setState({ value: });

    render = () => {
        const field = <input className="form-control" type={this.props.fieldtype} 
                            value={this.state.value} />

        return field;

export default FormInpFld;

but after using the custom .babelrc with babel-preset-env and babel-preset-stage-2 it is finally possible

01 Dec
1 year ago

devsrv started a new conversation Where To Put Custom .babelrc

If I want to put my custom .babelrc file can I do that? and where is the place I can put it to

23 Aug
1 year ago

devsrv left a reply on Select Only One Column From BelongsTo Relationship

@mstnorris thanks I was looking for a straight answer for the same question. seems like there is noway we can do it in a eloquent style but query builder joining is the only way because relations always return all the columns

07 Aug
1 year ago

devsrv left a reply on Redis Configuration On Production

I'll actually share what I do still I would like to know from the experts :)

  1. as you are in ubuntu just pull redis in by: apt-get install redis-server

  2. if you are using latest version of Laravel then most likely you already have pulled the predis/predis as it is in your composer.json already.

  3. if you do not manually change the config then redis by default uses 6379 port & you just need to fillup the config/database.php (actually you don't have to cause the default group settings is using the 6379 port)

  4. now in terminal type redis-cli then type ping and in response if you get PONG from redis then all set

  5. go to config/session.php line 73 change 'connection' => 'redis' to-> 'connection' => 'default'

  6. in your env file SESSION_DRIVER=redis

Done... :)

01 Aug
1 year ago

devsrv left a reply on How To Deploy A Laravel Application?

@AbdallahSabri Homestead is the best option but the simplest one is just pull it down with composer and put in your xampp/wamp root and point apache to the public folder of Laravel that's it :)