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19th September, 2018

debbiev left a reply on How To Add Custom Headers To Notification Emails? • 3 weeks ago

Add this code to ./app/Notifications/MyNotification.php, in the __construct() function:

public function __construct() { $this->callbacks[] =( function ($message) { $message->getHeaders()->addTextHeader('Header', 'Value'); }); }

8th September, 2018

debbiev left a reply on 400 Bad Request • 1 month ago

I'm getting a 400 bad request, from mailgun, when a user accidentally mistyped his email: "[email protected]".

I'd like to catch the problem, and handle it gracefully, but I dont' know how.

10th August, 2018

debbiev left a reply on Laravel 5.6: Parse Error: Syntax Error, Unexpected '?', Expecting Variable (T_VARIABLE) • 2 months ago

If you have shell access, check out your $PATH. Mine was picking up an old version of php.

whereis php echo $PATH

I found the right version of php here: /opt/php71/bin

so I add this line to the end of my .bashrc

export PATH=/opt/php71/bin:$PATH

Now composer doesn't error. and php artisan runs great!


27th February, 2018

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