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28 Jun
3 years ago

dazed067 left a reply on Laravel Is A Giant Waste Of Time

I'm not chilling for anyone. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The first two links on the documents page (http://laravel.com/docs/5.1 ) talk about 1 - Server Requirements needing Laravel Homestead and 2 - Installing Laravel requires you first need Composer. When you go to Composer you see it is coded on Github. As for those with their snide little gif's, and "I was running in 5 minutes" remarks, get off your high horses.

dazed067 started a new conversation Laravel Is A Giant Waste Of Time

Thank you for yet another, overblown, insular, open source POS. I just wasted half of my day trying to get my head wrapped around this unusable, un-necessarily confusing piece of garbage. My first attempt at using a PHP framework has been a complete disaster. Where is the download button? Who is the idiot who decided I have to download Composer, and Github, and something called Homestead, before I can even use Laravel!?! I have to study the entire history of these three other things, and become fluent in them first?? After three hours I haven't even come close to creating a single line of php code. While I was needlessly running in circles I found a Codeigniter video on Youtube. In ten minutes It showed me how to install and use Codeigniter. I'm already cranking code in less time than it took to write this rant.