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26 Nov
1 year ago

cyberfountain left a reply on Customise Email Notifications?

Thank you!! I spent so much time looking for it. Can't believe is that simple :D

cyberfountain started a new conversation Customise Email Notifications?

Hello Guys!

I am trying to find the way of customising email notifications sent by Laravel. I have a basic auth scaffold with email confirmations. I cannot find where view for this emails are... I need to make some adjustments to the layout and change title of the email itself. Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance.

31 May
1 year ago
24 May
1 year ago

cyberfountain started a new conversation Laravel Authentication For Node.js App.

Hello Everyone,

So this is the scenario. I have very simple Laravel app with basic authentication set up. I also have node application running on port 3000. I am using nginx for a web server. I have proxy setup so I can access node app via

My question is: Is it possible to have laravel running on and restrict access to my node app with Laravel authentication (middleware).

All I want is to let users use node app after successful authentication through Laravel.

I have no idea how to handle that (no idea if something like that is even possible). As far as my understanding goes node application is not a part of framework and I can't specify the route withing needed middleware.

Is there anything that could be done on the server side?

Could anyone shade some light on the subject? Thank in advance.

12 Dec
2 years ago

cyberfountain left a reply on Data Filtering With Pagination And Vue.js

jekinney great answer, this is a very similar to what I have done.

jlrdw no, I could't do it. Vue or better say AJAX was must in this projects. It was crucial demand for beter user experince.

I have set all the endpoints to return JSON. I grab paginated results and iterate them with v-for. For searching functionality I set up another endpoint where I pass search query. I have an input text where I listen on keyup and triger method to send HTTP request. Returned data I bind to vue data object. Works beautifly.

I was a bit sceptical about doing searching this way, but run some tests on the database containing around 10 000 records and I was suprised, it works really well. I am not 100% sure if this is the most efficient way of doing things, but hey it works. This is a very simple app and 10 000 "items" sounds like a good edge case.

So I have exactly what I needed no page reload, pagination and instant search against the whole data, cool !

In the way I am glad that nobody responded in time, it pushed me to figure it out by myself :) Feeling satisfied :D

Thanks Guys.

Even bigger thanks to Jeffrey for Laracasts.

11 Dec
2 years ago

cyberfountain left a reply on Data Filtering With Pagination And Vue.js

Hmm... Great support :D I figure it by myself :|

07 Dec
2 years ago

cyberfountain started a new conversation Data Filtering With Pagination And Vue.js


I am facing a challenge. I have a very simple app. I need to return results from the table in a list - table contains around 7 000 records. I need to paginate results displaying around 25 records a the time. That's all seems to be easy.

Now is a part a can't get my head round. I need to be able to filter through the table records all 7 000. Simple 2 way data binding and filtering with text input using vuejs. I can only filter the results I already returned on single page.

Could anyone point me in to the right direction how to update result while filtering (filtering through the all 7000 records) with included pagination?

I hope I explained clear enough what i mean :)