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2 months ago
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Replied to Is Passport For Me?

With public API I meant, will the user have to log in to consume the API (even if he does not know it) or will you be using the API for example, to fill out your public homepage?

From your response, it seems like the data you'll be sending is user-centric. I would personally go with JWT and session authentication because it's pretty straight forward to implement.

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Replied to How To Know If A Method Is Called From Blade Or Elsewhere

I am not sure I quite understand the problem. If you could enlighten me... here is what I understood:

1 - you store and work with Gregorian dates (database and controllers) 2 - you want to show Jalali Dates on your View

If I understood that correctly, then what you would need is, a blade directive to help you converting your Gregorian date to Jalali no?

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Replied to Dropped Queries By ~29,980 But Still 30+ Seconds To Load...

I was suggesting taking a screenshot of the debugbar.

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Replied to Dropped Queries By ~29,980 But Still 30+ Seconds To Load...

  • You could aggregate the data directly in the queries (these can be costly)
  • you could pre-aggregate the data - have a job that generates consolidated stats running every X hours

If you do not need "live data" - I would probably choose the second option.

You have a couple thousand lines, that should not be a huge hit on the DB, but when you get close to the hundreds of thousands or millions, aggregation can be very painful for the DB.

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Replied to Is Passport For Me?

What are your business rules for the site? Are there any specific restrictions to your API such as transporting sensitive data? If you are essentially creating a public API and you'd just like to make it harder for somebody to gain access to it, then API tokens should be enough for you. If, on the other hand, you'll be using user authentication, transporting sensitive data and so on, then passport should be a better fit, since it will renew the token and require handshakes. Think of it as "Public API" vs "Facebook API"

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Replied to Dropped Queries By ~29,980 But Still 30+ Seconds To Load...

If you can print out debugbar's output, we can have a better view of what's going on and help guide you into a solution. Also having a look at your system.log file might show you a number of unseen errors (specially if youve turned off debug in your .env file).

I would try and run the queries directly against the database (in a PHPMyAdmin or Workbench) to see how they perform. It can give you valuable information.

Finally, as @snapey mentioned, do watch Reinink's talk... it is a gem and gives you fantastic insights into how you can optimize your site.

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Replied to The Correct Way To Setup Controller For Info On Index Page

there are basically two ways to go about what you want... one would be, as mentioned above, have the pages cached, and the other option would be to generate a static page for your home page every time you update the admin or at midnight through a cron (I must mention that this is essentially what caching is doing for you).

If you are talking about a very high volume site, you probably be better off using some caching service like cloudfare or similar, which would essentially be doing that for you.

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Replied to Sending Data From One Page Form To Second Page Form To Third Where Submit Data

If you are getting a 404 it would imply your are being redirected somewhere. Check your logs to see if there is any 301s. I would start off by removing the auth middleware and see if the problem persists. The less moving parts you have, the easier to debug.