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20th June, 2018

ben.nxumalo left a reply on Could Not Find Package Cviebrock/eloquent-sluggable In A Version Matching 4.2 • 3 months ago

HI , please just use the composer require cviebrock/eloquent-sluggable

ben.nxumalo left a reply on Join Two Tables With Multiple Ids • 3 months ago

what exactly are out trying to do?

Can it be done using model relations eg $this->hasMany(Task::class);


ben.nxumalo left a reply on Laravel Production Ubuntu • 3 months ago

APP_NAME=Laravel APP_ENV=local

In your .env there is a APP_ENV var set it to production or staging if you want to change it

ben.nxumalo left a reply on Illuminate \ Database \ QueryException After Laravel Migration • 3 months ago

Please remove the phpinfo page, before you get into trouble (with hacker|malicious users).... If I were you I would delete it (yesterday)

ben.nxumalo left a reply on How To Downgrade My Laravel, I Have 5.6 And I Want Go To 5.4 • 3 months ago

I think there are a few ways to go about it but most of them have been mentioned already:

  1. Upgrade your PHP (its the easier way)
  2. Downgrade by updating your composer packages including laravel to 5.4 or 5.5)[Painful process though]

and another thing to take not of is there are some packages that wont work straight up which uses things like mcrypt etc bcz mcrypt has been removed in ^php7.1.

so if I were you I could even use andre's famous PPA to upgrade it to php7.1 its literally 5mins

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