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11 Dec
7 months ago

Ayomaid08 started a new conversation Generating Multiple Student Report Sheets In One Web Page

I am building a student management app. Am stuck in viewing class reports. I can show individual reports (scores, percentage, personal details, psychomotor domain etc) for each student in a class. But I need to show all reports for each student in a class in one web page with page breaks between them. So we'll have Student1 with all scores and information, Student2 with all scores and information etc in on very long web page. My results table on DB has studentId and StudentClass columns to differentiate things. I feel I should use a forloop but can't wrap my head around how to. Below is my controller:

 public function viewresult(Request $request){

   $subjects = $request->get('subjects');
   $studentname = $request->get('studentname');
   $studentId = $request->get('studentId');
   $student = Student::where('id', $studentId)->first();
   $regNumber = $request->get('regNumber');
   $term = $request->get('term');
   if ($term ==1) {
       $termended = "First";
   $session = $request->get('session');
   $sessionnow = Session::where('id', $session)->first()->name; 
   $studentClass = $request->get('studentClass');
   $classname = Stclass::where('id', $studentClass)->first()->name;
   $teachersignature = Stclass::where('id', $studentClass)->first()->teachersignature;
   $teachername = Stclass::find($studentClass)->teachers()->first()->fullName;

   $setting = Setting::all()->first(); 

   $grades = DB::table('grades')->get();
   $comments = Comment::all();

    // $results = Result::where('studentClass', $studentClass)->where('session', $session)->where('term', $term)->where('studentId', $studentId)->get(); 

      $results = DB::table('results')
                    ->where('studentClass', $studentClass)->where('session', $session)->where('term', $term)->where('studentId', $studentId)->whereNull('deleted_at')
                    ->selectRaw('results.*, (results.test1 + results.test2) as cav, results.exam + results.test1 + results.test2 as totalmark')->get();

       $rating = DB::table('ratings')->where('student_id', $studentId)->where('term', $term)->where('session', $session)->first();

     $resultpercent = DB::table('results')
                  -> where('studentClass', $studentClass)->where('session', $session)->where('term', $term)->where('studentId', $studentId)->whereNull('deleted_at')
                  ->selectRaw("SUM(results.exam + (results.test1 + results.test2))/(COUNT(results.subject)) as overallpercent")->get();

                     $resultpercentclass = DB::table('results')
                  -> where('studentClass', $studentClass)->where('session', $session)->where('term', $term)->whereNull('deleted_at')
                  ->selectRaw("SUM((results.exam + (results.test1 + results.test2)/2)/2)/(COUNT(results.subject)) as percentclass")->groupBy('studentId')->orderBy('percentclass', 'desc')->get();


           return "No Result";
        } elseif(!$results->isEmpty() AND !isset($rating)){
            return view('admin.results.viewresult', compact('subjects', 'studentname', 'regNumber', 'studentClass', 'studentId', 'term', 'session', 'results', 'student', 'setting', 'sessionnow', 'classname', 'termended', 'grades', 'comments', 'rating', 'teachername', 'resultpercent', 'resultpercentclass', 'teachersignature'));
        elseif(!$results->isEmpty() AND isset($rating)){

              return view('admin.results.resultrating', compact('subjects', 'studentname', 'regNumber', 'studentClass', 'studentId', 'term', 'session', 'results', 'student', 'setting', 'sessionnow', 'classname', 'termended', 'grades', 'comments', 'rating', 'teachername', 'resultpercent', 'resultpercentclass', 'teachersignature'));



It is $results that actually show individual results.

21 Nov
7 months ago

Ayomaid08 left a reply on Get Positions(Rank) For Pupils In Report App

@ashraam Thanks for your response. I checked out redis for the first time today, after your suggestion. I have also read the docs on laravel. But truly, I couldn't quite understand how to use, maybe because I am in a race against time. Would you be kind to provide examples vis-a-vis my stated problems?

20 Nov
8 months ago

Ayomaid08 started a new conversation Get Positions(Rank) For Pupils In Report App

I am building a report card app. My view for pupil's report sheet is like so:

SUBJECT CA 1 CA 2 CA AVERAGE EXAMINATION TOTAL PERCENTAGE POSITIO Mathematics 80 70 75.0000 56 65.50000000 1st English 70 45 57.5000 100 78.75000000 3rd Biology 89 23 56.0000 90 73.00000000 4th

In my results table in DB, I have columns: student_id, studentClass, CA1, CA2, Examination and other essentials. I do not a total percentage, CA Average nor Overall Percentage column. The Overall Percentage is gotten by Total Percentage/Number of Subjects (in the above example : 72.416666666667). The CA Average and Total Percentage are calculated on the fly using query builder as you will find in my controller below.

What I need is to calculate

  1. Positions in class e.g Elementary 1A. Each pupil is assigned a position based on Overall Percentage. like 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. And of course if there's a tie, the next position is skipped.
  2. Positions across arms e.g Eementary can have Elementary 1A, 1B, 1C etc. I need to assign positions to pupils by overall percentage in comparison to all pupils in Elementary(1A, 1B, 1C etc.).
  3. Subject Positions: This is calculated using Total Percentage scored by a pupil in each subject, in comparison with other pupils in same class, e.g Elementary 1A. It's the last column in my view above. I could find a fix for it either.

I have searched for solutions.What I have seen so far were solutions where the Position(rank) is calculated using a column on the DB table. In my case I do not have such column, as I used QB to calculate on the fly. I did try to implement that method by calculating at least CA Average and Total Percentage during insert but got 'unsupported operand' error.

My Controller:

,,, public function studentresultsheet(Request $request){

        $stclass = $request->get('stclass');
        $myclass = Stclass::find($request->get('stclass'))->name;
        $studentId = $request->get('studentId');
        $studentname = Student::find($request->get('studentId'))->surname;

        $session= $request->get('sessionnow');
        $term = $request->get('term');

        $myids = Stclass::find($stclass)->students;
        // $dodo = DB::table('results')
        //           -> where('studentClass', $stclass)->where('session', $session)->where('term', $term)
        //           ->selectRaw('results.studentId')->distinct()->get();



         $resultpercent = DB::table('results')
                  -> where('studentClass', $stclass)->where('session', $session)->where('term', $term)->where('studentId', $studentId)
                  ->selectRaw("SUM((results.exam + (results.test1 + results.test2)/2)/2)/(COUNT(results.subject)) as overallpercent")->get();

                   $dodo = DB::table('results')
                  -> where('studentClass', $stclass)->where('session', $session)->where('term', $term)


         $results = DB::table('results')
                    ->where('studentClass', $stclass)->where('session', $session)->where('term', $term)->where('studentId', $studentId)
                    ->selectRaw('results.*, (results.test1 + results.test2)/2 as cav, (results.exam + (results.test1 + results.test2)/2)/2 as totalmark')->get();

      return view('admin.results.studentresultsheet', compact('results', 'myclass', 'studentname','resultpercent', 'countsubjects'));


''' Thanks.