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14th January, 2018

angelopereira left a reply on Laravel Passport • 4 days ago

yes, but how i can hide the client_id and client_secret? Put these in vue is not a security problem?

13th January, 2018

angelopereira started a new conversation Laravel Passport • 5 days ago

I'm using vue to log in but I have a question. The client key stays in the client side or server side? if stays in server side, how i do it?

3rd July, 2017

angelopereira started a new conversation Storing User Data In Authentication Plugin • 6 months ago

´´´ const Auth = { install(Vue, options) { let auth = { data: new Vue({ data: { authenticated: false, authenticatedUser: {} } }), getAuthenticatedUser() { return; } } Vue.prototype.$auth = auth; } }

export default Auth; ´´´

Is this efficient and correct? (creating a new instance of Vue)

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