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9th September, 2016

aliharis left a reply on 500 Internal Server Error After Install Laravel Bog • 2 years ago

The problem is usually caused due to incorrect permissions to storage folder mostly.

If you use Laravel installer, setting up a new project would be super easy. It will setup the correct permissions and other configurations, like generating a key, etc.

For all the newcomers having this problem, please consider using Laravel Installer, it will save you a lot of time. Please read the "Via Laravel Installer" section here on:

aliharis left a reply on [SOLVED] [L5] New: Can't Display Errors, 500 Internal Server Error • 2 years ago

For those of you having this problem with HHVM enabled on Homestead, You can modify Foundation\Bootstrap\HandleExceptions.php to display errors while HHVM is being used.

The fix is posted here:

aliharis left a reply on Laravel 5 Fundamentals: Serve Command Not Working • 2 years ago

Looks like the serve file is not there. If you have, you could try

hhvm-serve /home/Vagrant/Code/learning-laravel-5/public

25th August, 2016

aliharis left a reply on [L5] Disable CSRF Middleware On Certain Routes • 2 years ago

You can also keep the route outside the group that make use of web middleware.

// Move route outside this group
Route::group(['middleware' => ['web']], function () {

12th June, 2016

aliharis left a reply on Using Sync To Detach In Pivot Table In Laravel • 2 years ago

You must provide an array to sync(). I use typecasting to solve this problem.

return $assessor->processes()->sync( (array) $this->request->get( 'process_id' ) );

25th May, 2016

aliharis left a reply on Vue.js: Using V-model With Input Type="file" • 2 years ago

With few lines of JavaScript, you can display the input file (If It's an image).

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