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16 Sep
4 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on Ionic Course Suggestion

Ummm, Ionic is heavily relying under the hood on AngularJS, and Laravel is currently advocating for VueJS.

I wonder if there is a solution as I've seen many people use Meteoric (Meteor + Ionic), Vueonic? hahaha

Laracasts has a ReactJS tutorial also, and ReactJS just broke into the mobile world. Maybe a: Vureactionic? Lol, I can see the new series to come: "Let's build a Laravureactionic from Scratch!"

31 Aug
4 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on Dynamic Highscore Table

I suppose you are referring to a score number that relies on a complex algorithm rather than a simple integer?

What I do for those is having a column (if it takes multiple columns I go with a different table) for that information, and every time something happens that would change the result, I trigger an event and re eval the algo just for that user and stores the new score.

With that approach, once I have to do the query, I don't have to run the algo for every user, it's already computed, so I only have to do an ordering by the final result.

Somehow, as the algo gets more complex, results have 1 million reasons to loose sync with the result it "should have", so I usually run a backup Cron daily to recompute the algo for every active user (inactive users triggers a recompute event once the log back in).

As the apps get more complex, you start using Queues and more regular Crons to maintain the Algo results updated without overloading servers.

03 Mar
4 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on Queues

That's what I meant, instead of a few L4 and unrelated videos, go for a small series of 6/8 videos, with a sense of continuity and direction.

alfonsan started a new conversation Queues

I would like to see Jeffrey's point of view, best practices and tricks about working with queues, from practice to artisan hahaha. Start by explaining queue theory in a few lessons, then beanstalk basic usage, then how to queue events, how to dispatch them, etc...

alfonsan left a reply on Episode Request: Logging With Laravel

+1 to a "Advanced Logger Service + Best Practices" - series.

09 Feb
4 years ago
23 Dec
4 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on New Forum Thread Design

Stop tinkering and watch some videos you slacker, your profile show 35 completed only! :P

22 Dec
4 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on How To Create A Laravel RESTful API Allowing Requests With URL Params?

Funny that I've found today the EloquentRepository methods @thepsion5 might be using while checking the old forums for some queryScope issues...

alfonsan left a reply on How To Create A Laravel RESTful API Allowing Requests With URL Params?

You cannot learn this in one month, or two. Programming is not a course you learn in X hours, it's a discipline.

The main difference is that learning a course is about spending some time and then keeping that knowledge for some time. Math equations, color theory, reading a Game of Thrones novel, etc...

Disciplines is more about lifestyle. You keep yourself in a constant learning and improving state. Instead of going through 400 pages in one week, and trying to grasp all that knowledge, you learn a tiny bit of knowledge, 10 minute video per week for example, and then you stick with that for a month until it becomes part of your programming style, until it becomes natural.

It's also useful that instead of writing the exact same code as Jeffrey writes, you take one of your old projects, and you refactor it with the new knowledge you had learned. Do it with 2 or 3 projects, and then keep the new ones going with that technique. Practice refactoring of old code and writing new one.

Neuroscientist says that in average, you need to keep trying for 90 days until the habit becomes part of yourself and you encounter less inner resistance, feel less lazy about it, or you simply cannot understand coding without it.

Think about it like space shuttles, 90% of the energy used for the space voyage is wasted during the first minute taking off.

alfonsan left a reply on How To Create A Laravel RESTful API Allowing Requests With URL Params?

@jamesaps you can find that information in the object oriented bootcamp video series.

21 Dec
4 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on How To Create A Laravel RESTful API Allowing Requests With URL Params?

I think this concept deserves a video from @JeffreyWay.

It's the difference between the Eloquent model, the Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder (the one jamesaps is asking for), and the final collection/result from the query.

There is some "magic" going on behind the scenes, and it's somehow confusing to understand when you are dealing with each object.

alfonsan left a reply on Updating Homestead

Use "homestead update"

31 Oct
4 years ago
30 Sep
4 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on Redesign For Laracasts

I would like to add two more bullets:

  • Horizontal Rhythm. You are using a vertical grid. You lack an horizontal grid.
  • Proportion. When starting try to stick as much as posible to the 1.6 golden ratio before trying others.
30 Aug
5 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on 3 Betacoins: Mailbox For Mac

Sorry, got a few days of work overload. 1 betacoin left.

28 Aug
5 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on 3 Betacoins: Mailbox For Mac

Sent to your github public email.

alfonsan started a new conversation 3 Betacoins: Mailbox For Mac

I have 3 betacoins for the mailbox beta.

I use mailbox on iphone, ipad and now on my mac. It's not the best app in the world, but I like it.

If you need one, reply here. First 3 get them.

Took 3 days before they sent me one, so it's not a big deal.

25 Aug
5 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on Laravel Vs. Other Frameworks

You could either narrow or wide your CV.

If you HAVE to go with other PHP frameworks (narrow), go with our brother/daddy Symfony2. You will learn a few things that Laravel is doing under the hood.

If you prefer to go wide, learning the non blocking NodeJS, or starting an iOS (Swift / ObjectiveC) and/or Android (Java) path, are both good options in terms of job opportunities.

Another option is to enhance your cv with certifications, for example some Scrum/Agile ones, improving your portfolio, experience with side projects of different size and structure, alternative languages (Spanish/Chinese/German), etc..

24 Aug
5 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on How To Start Learn PHP Framework For Beginer

  • First you need to understand the language basics (variables, strings, arrays, functions, loops, conditionals, etc...).
  • Second you need to learn about OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Classes, instances, statics, properties, methods, access level, inheritance, extension, interfaces, implementing interfaces, etc...
  • Third would be a basic understanding of how relational databases work. This is not a requirement, but 99% of your apps will end up using databases, specially relational ones.
  • Fourth, understanding how the basic cycle of an http request and response works. Just basic understanding.

(third and fourth might not be a requirement, but are strongly desirable)

After those, you should be ready to start with a framework like Laravel.

alfonsan left a reply on What Are Your Thoughts On The New Structure In The Laravel Develop Branch?

My opinion is that a laravel newbie presented for the first time to 4.3, and getting the same explanation depth we received for 4.0/1/2, should learn the new structure without too much trouble.

The real problem is not Larave itself, it's the growing amount of tutorials for free all around the web getting outdated and building frustration/confusion to the community.

23 Aug
5 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on What Are Your Thoughts On The New Structure In The Laravel Develop Branch?

@JeffreyWay - Are you planning on a lesson for Larabook and the (unfinished?) API about moving them from 4.2 into 4.3?

Another quick question. The new version of Laravel is going to make the backward lessons in Laracasts a bit confusing because of the new directory structure. Are you planning to tag each version with the Laravel version used on them?

18 Aug
5 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on What's The Most Popular Laravel Sites?

Whats the number there? ranking? visits per second? unique visitors per day? requests/hour?

alfonsan left a reply on Apps/tools

Btw, I missed an important one for me, "Caffeine". A small cup of coffee placed at the topbar. Works like a toggle. Pressed, system do not suspend. Unpressed, system goes asleep. Nice for laptops while reading, watching videos, using them as secondary computer with a stylesheet, etc...

alfonsan left a reply on What's The Most Popular Laravel Sites?

On a side note, many big and important places do not publish what are they built with for security reasons mainly.

For example, well known sport newspaper from Spain is using Symfony2, they have millions of requests daily, and those SF2 components are part of Laravel. I also know for sure of a world wide dating website with more than 5 years of existence and millions of profiles is running SF2 currently, once again Laravel core.

If they publish on date XX/XXXX that they are using framework blablabla, they wont be updating that framework production components regularly, hackers know that, so the company inherit the framework vulnerabilities.

When you read "we use blablabla", think they are using a fairly modified version, or they already passed several security audits, or it's a small/medium size project, or they are simply mad hehehe

alfonsan left a reply on What's The Most Popular Laravel Sites?

I would suggest you let us know a bit more about what are you calling "scalability issues"

  • What level of scalability issues are you talking about? 40k/s? or 5k/s?
  • Infrastructure behind?
  • What type of connections?
  • What are the requirements for each connection? just a "200 - received" or do you need to process a complex algorithm that involves heavy I/O?

Depending on the answer to those questions will vary a lot the response, from "absolutely scalable" to "nope, wrong technology decision".

Old PHP Wordpress with proxies, CDN, WPO, load balancers, memcache, etc... can scale up to million visitors per day "Search Engine Land" for example. Brilliant nodejs code may end up filling to quickly a redis instance, later killed by a system daemon collapsing the system.

alfonsan left a reply on No Videos In A Few Days?

It's normal to expect his activity dropping on weekends. Maybe he has a life! hehehe

17 Aug
5 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on Apps/tools

@bagwaa Better but still not that great. They need to finish deep integration with self provided css/js/fonts libraries

16 Aug
5 years ago

alfonsan left a reply on Your Computer Specs

MacBook Pro 15'' Late 2013

  • i7 2.3
  • 16GB 1600 MHz DD3
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB
  • 500GB SSD
  • OS X 10.9.4

I have a magic mouse for Illustrator/Photoshop. I also have 2 21'' monitors. None of those get much use recently, I somehow returned to the laptop simplistic style recently.

alfonsan left a reply on What Are You Working On?

Different projects:


  • Real State SaaS (pure Laravel, future versions will include deep angular integration on front)
  • Health online SaaS (pure Laravel, once we open, it will divide into 5 different domains)
  • Online Magazine


  • Niche Social Network (Laravel on this one is just for the API and Web part, NodeJS for the mobile part)
  • Music educational website (experimenting with ludification, social features and gamification)
  • 2 different Local listing services (deep angular integration on both)
  • Girlfriend's online shop

Profesional projects will open during august/september, personal are headed for christmas.