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6th October, 2017

a_riehr left a reply on Run Dusk Tests On Production Server? • 11 months ago

Thank you for your answer. I don't quite understand why this route "your-site.com/_dusk/login/1" even exists, but maybe I just know too little about the way dusk works. I will set up a separate test environment on my production server. Thanks again for your advice.

a_riehr started a new conversation Run Dusk Tests On Production Server? • 11 months ago

Hello, I really like testing my code, on unit level as well as on browser level. I especially like having control and being able to test the functionality with one click. However, maybe the process of deploying my website to the production server might introduce bugs, since it's a different environment. It would be perfect if I was able to run my tests on the production server itself. The dusk docs talk about some kind of security issue that would come with that... is that correct or is this a misunderstanding? Can I run my tests on the production server?

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