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29 Oct
7 months ago

Zalo left a reply on Out Put PDF's From Laravel Using Bootstrap 4 Row And Col Classes.

No news about this? I want to generate PDF's using Bootrap 4 too, but I can't. Looks like css is not correctly loaded.

07 May
1 year ago

Zalo left a reply on Laravel And SOAP WSDL

Hi @viewflex I really like your package! It works like a charm but, I dont know how to implement an authetication... In the examples, every requests send and user and password inside the request. I would like to send this information as a 'header' or a 'node'. How could I configure it?


16 Jan
1 year ago

Zalo started a new conversation Model Events Not Trigerring When Using Factories

Hello all! I'm facing an issue... I don't know why but my model events does not fire when I use factories...

I have this boot:

class App\MyModel extends Model 
    protected static function boot()
        static::created(function($replacement) {

And, in my tests, if I write:

MyModel::create([...]); // It fires 'created' event ´´´

However, if I use a factory, it doesn't:

factory(App\MyModel::class)->create(); // The boot() method is never called...

What is happening here? I can't test these events in my tests :(


PD: I'm using Laravel 5.5
24 Oct
1 year ago

Zalo started a new conversation Pusher - How To Know When A User Is No Longer In The Website?

Hello all! I'm facing a problem with a real time app that i'm developing. My problem is about user's status using Pusher. I would like to get the correct way to detect when a user leaves the page or keep unactive for a while to set it's status to 'offline', for example. How could I achieve that? I'm almost sure that is not recommended develop this feature at client-side, it would be at server-side, but how? How can I ask to clients if they are still there? Should I create a command and run it wit cron? Any help will be appreciated, Thx!

01 Dec
2 years ago

Zalo left a reply on Gulpfile Elixir Merge Scss (includePaths?)

That didn´t work for me.. I had to add includePaths option as 4º argument

mix.sass('app.scss', null, null, {includePaths: ['node_modules/bootstrap-sass/assets/stylesheets']})