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16 May
2 months ago

WelshyRob left a reply on Count Distinct Children Within Relationship

@kevinbui @tisuchi - Thanks for your direction.

I ended up writing this, which does what I need.

Can you see a way to refactor it at all, it seems a bit clunky!

''' $sessions = Session::selectRaw('events.key AS action, COUNT(events.key) AS count') ->join('events', 'sessions.id', '=', 'events.session_id') ->when(request('start_date') && request('end_date'), function ($q) { $q->whereBetween(request('start_date'), request('end_date')); })->when(request('platform'), function($q){ $q->Platform(request('platform')); })->when(request('device_id'), function($q) { $q->Device(request('device_id')); })->when(request('version'), function($q){ $q->Version(request('device_id')); })->groupBy('events.key')->get(); '''

Ideally I'd like to combine all of the scopes into a single query string / object and append that to:

''' Session::selectRaw()->myCombinedScopes()->get() '''

13 May
2 months ago

WelshyRob started a new conversation Count Distinct Children With Parent Filtered

Hi, I'm trying to build a basic tracking system. I've setup a system using related tables and I'd like to avoid using raw DB queries if possible.

Here's how my models relate: Each Event belongs to a Session and a Session has multiple events.

class event extends Model
    public function session()
        return $this->belongsTo('App\session');
class session extends Model
    public function events()
        return $this->hasMany('App\event','session_id', 'id');

    // .... Scopes......

So the session table has the date range and other filters, like version and platform and is filtered by the use of scopes.

Each Event has a Key, which is the name of the event that occurred and essentially I just want to count how many distinct keys are found but filtered by the session. 

If I was to write this using a raw query it would be along the lines of 

SELECT events.key AS action, events.session_id FROM events INNER JOIN sessions ON sessions.id = events.session_id where sessions.end_time > '2018-05-19 04:42:00' and sessions.end_time < '2019-05-19 04:42:00'

I've read the docs on Laravel relationships and I just can't see how I can generate the same kind of query using 
eloquent. I've tried using 'with', but it seems to either ignore the group by or cause errors. 

public function get_events_by_filter(Request $request) {
    $query = session::query();
    $query->when(request('platform'), function ($q) {
        return $q->Platform(request('platform'));
    $events = $query->with(['events' => function ($query) {


Final output should be along the lines of: 

    "KEY_1": 19,
    "KEY_2": 11,
    "KEY_99" : 2

Thank you for your time