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5 months ago
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Replied to How To Use Api_token

@EMFPC - if you read the https://laravel.com/docs/5.8/authentication#adding-custom-guards you would find that you can add your own guarding policies and check for the token. Since you are not using the built in api_token feature with the Auth middleware you have to implement that logic your self

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Replied to Create A Package Based On Another Library

You could always move the logic till you actually need it.

How do you want the user to use your Api instance?

ex: heres an Api that fetches all orders


in the orders() function you could add the logic when you dispatch the request

public function orders(){
    $config = config('api.config');
    $api = self::create($config['token'],$config['key'],$config['sandbox']);
    $response = $api->dispatch();
    return collect($response);
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Replied to Prevent Making Request For The Same Image Multiple Times

Depending on how you use the image in your javascript if the link to the image is the same the browser will handle it ( check you dev tools network log and notice that the image is only fetched once, as long as it is the same content from the url )

If you use v-if with vue the image will load multiple times each time you toggle the conditional however the browser will still have the image cached.

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Replied to How Do E-commerce Orders Process Work When Checkout?

Most e-Commerce systems have a temporary order object sometimes reffered to as a Quote which could be considered the cart. this contains all the information needed to create an actual order.

Some payment systems however require an actual order_id before a transaction can be made so some e-commerce systems will actually be forced to create an incomplete order and await the client input ( usually they have a timeout of 30-60 minutes before they cancel / delete the order in order to clean up after customers who close their payment gate too early )

You could take a look at Magento and see how they do it https://omsdocs.magento.com/en/getting-started/order-flow/

They have an extensive knowledge though their codebase is abit jerky compared to more modern shop frameworks like shopify and shopware

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Replied to Ajax Response "Malformed UTF-8 Characters, Possibly Incorrectly Encoded"

Just out of curiosity why don't you just return $properties;? The controller will automatically transform your data to JSON and since you are not modifying the Response in any way ( like adding a different status) there's really no need to make one