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Level 3
12,220 XP
1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Search Input Lag / Delay

Hi, in my nova app when i am using the resource search function there is a lag / delay on the search..

while i input the data the search begins but when there is a small break between the input nova returns just the index instead of the search result.. what can i do about this?

3 months ago
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Replied to Update Resource From Index

they are allready Fields with Edit functionality in the index view, have a look at them...

4 months ago
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Replied to Limit

yes stil the same problem..

4 months ago
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Replied to Limit

oh yeah right XD

this is the part for the list

              <table class="table w-full" >
                <thead >
                <tr v-for="tour in touren">
                  <th>nr: {{ }}  </th>
                  <th> <span v-if="tour.user" >{{}}</span> </th>
                  <th>{{ tour.driver }}</th>
                    <a @click="requestTour(" ><svg class="sidebar-icon inline" /></svg></a>
                    <a :href="'/nova-vendor/Routeplaning/touren/createcleanpdf/' +" target="_blank" > <svg class="sidebar-icon inline" /></svg> </a>

this is the one for showing

      <div v-for="(tour, index) in positionen" class="touren tourenliste" v-if="opened.includes(" >

        <div class="overflow-hidden overflow-x-auto relative " >

          <table class="table w-full">
            <div class="headline table w-full">Sie bearbeiten die Tour:  {{}} - {{tour.tourinfo}}</div>

            <draggable :list="tour.invoice_position" :options="{animation:200, handle:'.my-handle', group: 'touren'}" :element="'tbody'" @change="update" >

              <tr  v-for="(pos, index) in tour.invoice_position" :key="" :data-id="" v-if="pos.objekte.status === 'aktiv' || pos.objekte.status === 'WW'  ">
                <td >{{index}} - {{pos.objekte.zipcode}}, {{pos.objekte.street}} {{pos.objekte.additional_street}}</td>
                <td>{{pos.pos_description}} {{pos.pos_id}}

                  <span v-if="pos.pos_type == 0 ">lfm, </span>
                  <span v-else-if="pos.pos_type == 1 ">lfm, </span>
                  <span v-else-if="pos.pos_type == 2 ">Stk, </span>
                  <span v-else-if="pos.pos_type == 3 ">Pa, </span>
                  <span v-else-if="pos.pos_type == 4 ">m², </span>
                  <span v-else-if="pos.pos_type == 5 "> , </span>
                  <span v-else-if="pos.pos_description === 'Tauwetterkontrolle'">  </span></td>



here is the rest

    requestTour(id) {

      if (this.positionen.length <= 3){

      Nova.request().get('/nova-vendor/leaflet-verplanung/requestTour/' +id).then(response => {

        this.tourenData =;

        var new_array =;
        this.positionen = this.positionen.concat(new_array);

        var removeItinerary = L.Routing.control({
          waypoints: this.tourenData,
          draggable: false,
          language: 'de',
          routeWhileDragging: false,
          profile: 'car',
          collapsible: true,
          addWaypoints: false,
          createMarker: function() { return null; }


        this.positionen = [];
        this.tourenData = [];


i am pretty new to vue, so probably doing many things wrong..

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Started a new Conversation Limit


i have a list of data and i fetch the related data on click, but i want to show allways only 2 clicked elements.. what is the best way in vue to do this?

also, how can i prevent to fetch data twice? when i click on same list element the same data ist loaded again..


4 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Pay What You Want Functionality


how can i achive a "pay what you want" functionality with laravel?

lets say a user wants to print a file to pdf and before that happens i want to ask the user to pay what he wants..

i wonder how i can do this with laravel as i dont have real products to put into a online shop or something..