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11 months ago
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Replied to Setting Wait_timeout For MySQL Connection

Any idea if this DB::statement() can be set to run ONLY once a connection has been established, i.e. not as part of a service provider?

I use Intervention Image, which uses a route to serve manipulated/cached images. Putting statements like this into AppServiceProvider causes a new connection to be established and the session config set for every single image on the page (~100 images).

1 year ago
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Replied to Laravel Does Not Clear Cache Completely

In my local environment, the CLI user didn't have write permissions to the files cached by the Apache user. I found the simple fix is to use sudo in the artisan commands:

sudo php artisan cache:clear
sudo php artisan view:clear
sudo php artisan config:cache
1 year ago
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Replied to Observer Methods For "creating" Events Receive Unpopulated Models???

Question updated/answered. I found that there is a difference between the way that save() handles record insertion compared to how create() handles it. The "creating" event receives different data depending on which method is used.

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Started a new conversation Observer Methods For "creating" Events Receive Unpopulated Models???

I'm using an Observer on an Eloquent model so that on creation, various attributes are automatically compiled. However the MyModelObserver::creating() method only receives an unpopulated model class, rather then the populated one I am about to save. Is this intentional, because it seems rather pointless to me?

An extremely dumbed-down example:

class MyController extends Controller
    public function create()
        $myModel = new MyModel([
            'fillable_attribute' = 'MY ATTRIBUTE VALUE'

        $myModel->otherPublicProperty = 'PROPERTY VALUE';

class MyModelObserver
    public function creating(MyModel $myModel)
        // $myModel appears to simply be a new instance of the MyModel class.
        // Neither the "fillable_attribute" or "otherPublicProperty" are set.
        // What's the point of this event if we can't access the data we're creating?

Could someone possibly shed any light on this please? Maybe I'm just expecting it to work a different way to what was intended...


UPDATED: It seems I was incorrectly using create() method instead of save(). When using the [model]::create() method, the creating event receives a blank model. When using [model]::save(), the event receives a populated model object.