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6 months ago
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Replied to Where Can I Get A Complete List Of Laravel 5 Events ?

Below are the default events provided by Laravel.

List doesn't include eloquent events.

1. Illuminate\Auth\Events\Attempting
2. Illuminate\Auth\Events\Authenticated
3. Illuminate\Auth\Events\Failed
4. Illuminate\Auth\Events\Lockout
5. Illuminate\Auth\Events\Login
6. Illuminate\Auth\Events\Logout
7. Illuminate\Auth\Events\PasswordReset
8. Illuminate\Auth\Events\Registered
9. Illuminate\Auth\Events\Verified

10. Illuminate\Cache\Events\CacheEvent
11. Illuminate\Cache\Events\CacheHit
12. Illuminate\Cache\Events\CacheMissed
13. Illuminate\Cache\Events\KeyForgotten
14. Illuminate\Cache\Events\KeyWritten

15. Illuminate\Console\Events\ArtisanStarting
16. Illuminate\Console\Events\CommandFinished
17. Illuminate\Console\Events\CommandStarting

18. Illuminate\Database\Events\ConnectionEvent
19. Illuminate\Database\Events\QueryExecuted
20. Illuminate\Database\Events\StatementPrepared
21. Illuminate\Database\Events\TransactionBeginning
22. Illuminate\Database\Events\TransactionCommited
23. Illuminate\Database\Events\TransactionRolledBack

24. Illuminate\Log\Events\MessageLogged

25. Illuminate\Mail\Events\MessageSending
26. Illuminate\Mail\Events\MessageSent

27. Illuminate\Notifications\Events\BroadcastNotificationCreated
28. Illuminate\Notifications\Events\NotificationFailed
29. Illuminate\Notifications\Events\NotificationSending
30. Illuminate\Notifications\Events\NotificationSent

31. Illuminate\Queue\Events\JobExceptionOccured
32. Illuminate\Queue\Events\JobFailed
33. Illuminate\Queue\Events\JobProcessed
34. Illuminate\Queue\Events\JobProcessing
35. Illuminate\Queue\Events\Looping
36. Illuminate\Queue\Events\WorkerStopping

37. Illuminate\Redis\Events\CommandExecuted

38. Illuminate\Routing\Events\RouteMatched
7 months ago
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Replied to Laravel Router Macro

Thanks @realrandyallen, Its working now.

7 months ago
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Started a new conversation Laravel Router Macro


I am facing a problem while making a call to Router Macro.

I registered the Router Macro in RouteServiceProvider.php File under the boot method in following way

    Route::macro('test', function ($prefix = '/') {
            Route::group(['prefix' => $prefix], function () {
                $this->get('/login', function () {
                    return 0;

Now, in my web.php i am using following code to call above macro


But i got follwing error.

alt text

What's wrong with above code. Anyone please help.

1 year ago
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Replied to Eloquent Select Default Columns

@rin4ik But i don't want to use getHidden() method every time when i select state, city.

I just want to select basic columns so i don't need to select in query.

My User table contains almost 30-32 fields and i don't want to select them all

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Replied to Eloquent Select Default Columns

@m-rk Is there any way that i can use addSelect method of Database Builder API

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Started a new conversation Eloquent Select Default Columns

I have a User Model with columns id, name, email, uuid, password,address,state,city,timestamps

What i am doing is

User::select('id', 'name', 'email', 'uuid')->find(1);


Now the problem is that every time i am querying on this model i have to specify columns because i don't need other columns (in most cases).


Is there any method by which i can select columns by default. So that every time when i call user model it will load basic columns id, name, email, uuid automatically. ?

1 year ago
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Replied to Step By Step Guide To Installing And Broadcasting Events With Laravel 5.1

In Node Socket Event is broadcasting but in blade file socket is not listening this emitted event

** socket.js file ** `io.emit(channel,;'

welcome.blade.php file socket.on("test-channel", function(message){ console.log(message); $('#power').text(parseInt($('#power').text()) + parseInt(; });

1 year ago
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Replied to Where Are You All From?

Punjab, India

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Started a new conversation Eloquent Relationships

I have a User Model with "Shifts" Relation.

$user = User::find(1); $data = $user->shifts; return $user;

in above case why user is returned with shifts relation ? I just called shifts i didn't assigned shifts to it