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16 May
3 months ago

Remi left a reply on Using FormRequest Safely

@SHEZ1983 - Thanks for your answer, but I know how FormRequest works. The thing is there is no simple method to access the validated data, like input. In the case of an api with nested rules, I think this is missing.

Anyway, I simply created a macro with the same signature than input and It'll do the job.

Request::macro('safeInput', function ($key = null, $default = null) {
    return data_get($this->validated(), $key, $default);

What I'd really love would be a strict validation returning a validation error when unwanted fields (without matching rule) are present in the request. That way I'd know every piece of data coming from the request has been validated. Perhaps it already exists and I'm not aware of it ?

14 May
3 months ago

Remi left a reply on Using FormRequest Safely

@MTHOMAS - I believe array_get is gonna be deprecated in 5.9. In my code example I use data_get which does the same.

My point is that a request injected into a controller should be safe to work with. I don't want unexpected fields.

Remi started a new conversation Using FormRequest Safely

Hi there,

class MyController
    public function store(MyRequestForm $request, Model $myModel)
        // What I Have to write
        $myModel->update(data_get($request->validated(), 'data.attributes.*'));

        // that's what I'd like to write but without modification it would be stupid as
        // additional field could be added to the request and avoid any validation

When Injecting a FormRequest in a controller's method, I know I need to use the validated method to get what has been validated. However, when I use other methods like input, get or all, I'm not getting safe to use data.

I would like to be able to write $request->input('data.attributes.*') and being certain that it would be only validated fields.

Of course, I Could make a Custom FormRequest with custom input, get, all methods and inherit my requests from it, but I'd like not to do that way to avoid the risk of not inheriting a request from it and introducing a security problem.

Perhaps customising the FormRequestServiceProvider would be a way to go ?