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31 Dec
6 months ago

regal2157 left a reply on Brew Install PHP 7.2 Instead Of 7.3

For the preg_match exception, check out this SO page:

Seems like you can easily disable the PCRE

23 Dec
6 months ago

regal2157 left a reply on Firefox Input Type="number" Not Working ToFixed()

It's with Firefox handling the number input. I tried doing some workarounds like setting the step attribute to "0.01" and "any" with no luck. If you change the input to text, it'll update. Maybe you'll have some luck with the step attribute.

22 Dec
6 months ago

regal2157 left a reply on Execute Artisan Vendor:publish Programmatically

It's working, but the issue is it'll only publish the files via the cli. There is a check to make sure the app is running in the console before it tries to publish the files.

17 Dec
7 months ago

regal2157 left a reply on Unlocking Badges Workshop Help Needed

I believe that's the actual laracasts code base - he briefly shows it is linked up to his Experience Model (3:06 in first episode). It's up to you if you want to set up an environment where you have the forum_experience table that'll store the points, or another method.

regal2157 left a reply on LetsEncrypt Installed Through Laravel Forge Causes Safari/iPhone Timeout From Iran

Does Iran still block HTTPS traffic? I'm not too familiar with their firewall, but you can utilize tools like

As others have said, site looks operational. HTTPS works find on an iPhone where I am.

16 Dec
7 months ago

regal2157 left a reply on Problems With Translation Of Query To Eloquen

    ->select('usuario_id', DB::raw('count(nombre) as nombre')
    ->order_by('nombre', 'desc')

I didn't test it, but something like that?

13 Dec
7 months ago

regal2157 left a reply on Flarum Project

It seems the docs page was taken down for this.

Here is the old page with some info on extending it. Besides that - if you want to check out the core, it's under vendor/flarum/core.

regal2157 started a new conversation Console Test Failing To Test In Order?

I'm running through and my testing results don't line up...

It appears the assertDatabaseHas assertion takes priority over expectsQuestion.


function it_generates_a_new_user()
            ->expectsQuestion('What name should we use?', 'John Doe')
            ->expectsQuestion('And the email address?', '[email protected]')
            ->expectsQuestion('And the password?', 'password')
            ->expectsOutput('The user John Doe has been created')

        $this->assertDatabaseHas('users', ['name' => 'John Doe']);


Artisan::command('make:user', function() {

I should see the test fail because no question was asked, but I'm getting an fail for the database not having the user.

There was 1 failure:

1) Tests\Feature\Console\MakeUserCommandTest::it_generates_a_new_user
Failed asserting that a row in the table [users] matches the attributes {
    "name": "John Doe"

The table is empty.

Am I missing something? If I comment out the assertDatabaseHas I can see the error for the question not asked..