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2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation It's Bad To Use A Partial View As A Input Text Field In Blade?

My question is about performance.

If I create a partial/view, for do a generic jog to create a input text, textarea, select, checkbox, etc, and call it 20x times in a form, it's bad for performance?

That partial just have a bunch of ifs for decide what input field create and other ifs for append or not some class, etc.

2 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Using CONSTANT For Every Repeat Thing

Hi guys.

I have this warning in sonarlint: Define a constant instead of duplicating this literal "admin.questions.edit" 3 times. (php:S1192)sonarlint(php:S1192)

For this link:

return redirect()->route('admin.questions.edit',<<<<<<<<<<<

It's really worth it use CONSTANT for every string that repeats in my code? I have never used constants this way, only in models to set fixed values.

3 months ago
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Commented on Lazy Collections

Same question. For simple stuffys, or queries with 1000 items we need to use LazyCollection?

5 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Scope Inside A Custom Where

Hi guys. I never have problem with that, but now I have a situation here:

The code below need to filter some data based on a query param named 'status' and then use the related scope to filter, but, for some reason the scope not work inside the where, only outside.

        return Vacancy::whereCompanyId($id)
            ->where(function($query) use ($statusFilter) {
                if (!empty($statusFilter) && !empty($statusFilter['status'])) {
                    if ($statusFilter['status'] == 'published') {
                    } else if ($statusFilter['status'] == 'drafted') {
                    } else if ($statusFilter['status'] == 'finished') {
                        $query->where('vacancy_status_id', 3);
                    } else if ($statusFilter['status'] == 'deactivated') {


    public function scopePublished($query)
        return $query->where('vacancy_status_id', '=', VacancyStatusEnum::Published);

    public function scopeDraft($query)
        return $query->where('vacancy_status_id', '=', VacancyStatusEnum::Draft);

    public function scopeFinished($query)
        return $query->where('vacancy_status_id', '=', VacancyStatusEnum::Done);

    public function scopeDeactivated($query)
        return $query->where('vacancy_status_id', '=', VacancyStatusEnum::Disabled);

What am I doing wrong?