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16th April, 2018

Munch started a new conversation Docker Worflow/Setup • 3 months ago

Hello everyone. Excuse me if this isn't the correct place to ask.

I don't know why but I've taken quite an interest in trying to learn Docker and get a nice Docker & Gitlab workflow. I only currently work with PHP/LEMP Stack so I'm only interested in learning docker for that first.

My question is, what resources did you use to pick it up? I'm struggling to find resources which work for me and I haven't found any that cover both LEMP Docker and then Gitlab for Laravel to utilise the CI/CD. Please don't provide me with the first result on Google as I've likely tried it. I'd also like my workflow to allow me to switch between my Macbook Pro and Windows 10 machine ideally.

Please also point out if you don't think it's worth learning unless I'm after something very specific. I really not sure why I want to get this workflow down. Thanks

Munch started a new conversation Vue Resource Within A Blade • 3 months ago

Hello everyone. Very new to using Vue and I do not want to have a completely separate Vue to my backend (Laravel). So currently I've been including Vue components within a blade file. My question is if I submit data from the Vue component using something like Vue resource, is it still secure? The route it hits is within my web.php, grouped by the default Laravel auth middleware and still uses the CSRF token.

Hopefully, that makes sense, thanks.

22nd November, 2017

Munch left a reply on Exception Handler Response • 8 months ago

Much appreciated.

Munch started a new conversation Exception Handler Response • 8 months ago

Hello everyone. I'm trying to provide a response to my exception handler when someone isn't authorised to view a page. Currently, I'm just returning a redirect to my home page but I'd like to also add a message. Adding a ->with('error', 'message'); doesn't display my message. Does anyone know how I can provide a message such as the ones displayed when using with or must I make a custom error page? Many thanks.

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