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1 month ago
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Started a new Conversation Some Thing Like Soft Delete In Model For Returning Only Active Models

i Have product model (Belongs to products table),

and i want to tell model when i select any product you have to return the models that their Active column is True, like soft delete that just return the models that not soft deleted.

is there any way?

3 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Have Accessors Or Some Thing Like That For Pivot Table And Return Sorted Columns As List

hi i have 3 tabel(Prodcuts Table and Sellers Table and their pivot table that is product_seller )

sellers table like below


products table like below


and product_seller table like below


its means that product can have many seller that every seller can sell product by different prices (why? because seller say if you buy 10 quantity of this product you can pay less price, 'product_quantity' is for that reason in the pivot table),

so i want to have sellers list of specific product with their prices that is sorted from lowest to highest

if product have two seller in pivot table and seller(id=1) have 3 price for it and seller(id=3) have two price for this product i need json format like below in product detail route or some thing like that. as you see in Below json i need list of pivots

in below Json format (product detail);

 "Product": {
        "id": 1,
        "name": "Dr.",
        "image": "test.jpg",
        "body": "lorem",
        "sellers": [
                "id": 1,
                "name": "Talon Mraz",
                  	  "product_id": 1,
                   	 "seller_id": 1,
                   	 "product_quantity": 16,
                    	"price": "176.0000",
                  	  "product_id": 1,
                   	 "seller_id": 1,
                   	 "product_quantity": 20,
                    	"price": "170.0000",
                  	  "product_id": 1,
                   	 "seller_id": 1,
                   	 "product_quantity": 30,
                    	"price": "160.0000",

                "id": 3,
                "name": "Talon Mraz",
                  	  "product_id": 1,
                   	 "seller_id": 3,
                   	 "product_quantity": 30,
                    	"price": "180.0000",
                  	  "product_id": 1,
                   	 "product_quantity": 40,
                    	"price": "170.0000",


i dont know i can define many to many relation for it or i have to define new model for seller_product table and new functions on it to and have sellers of product inside of product Object in Json?

if you have any point,let me know

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Started a new Conversation Laravel Eloquent Accessors Not Working On Shared Online Host But Working In Local Host !!


i have strange problem with my code,

below Code is my Product model. i can access my Accessors in local host when i load product model but when i use shared host i cant see my product Accessors in product detail.

class Product extends Model
  protected $fillable=['price','price_unit','image_alt','lang','persian_category','english_category','title','slug','description','body','image','meta_keywords','meta_description','category_id'];
  protected $appends = ['most_cheapest_seller_name','has_pelekani','count_cart','most_cheapest_seller_id','most_cheapest_seller_price'];
   * Return the sluggable configuration array for this model.
   * @return array

      public function categories()
          return $this->belongsToMany(Category::class);
      public function gallery()
         return $this->hasMany(Gallery::class);
     public function sellers()
         return $this->belongsToMany(Seller::class)->withPivot('from_quantity','to_quantity','price','seller_name')->orderBy('price','asc');

    public function getMostCheapestSellerPriceAttribute()
        return $seller_info->price;
    public function getMostCheapestSellerNameAttribute()
        return $seller_info->seller_name;
    public function getMostCheapestSellerIdAttribute()
        return $seller_info->seller_id;
    public function getHasPelekaniAttribute(){

        //$has_pelekani=DB::raw('count(*) as user_count, status')->get();
        $has_pelekani = DB::table('product_seller')
            ->select(DB::raw('seller_id, COUNT(seller_id)'))
            ->where('product_id'  ,$this->id)
            ->havingRaw('COUNT(seller_id) > 1')
        if (count($has_pelekani)==0){
            return false;
            return true;
    public function getCountCartAttribute(){
          return 2;


if you have any point, please let me know.

3 months ago
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Replied to Show Products Of Categories Of A User

Thank you so much,

Activity icon

Replied to Show Products Of Categories Of A User

hi there

i tried but i got below error

SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1052 Column 'id' in where clause is ambiguous (SQL: select * from `products` where exists (select * from `categories` inner join `category_product` on `categories`.`id` = `category_product`.`category_id` where `products`.`id` = `category_product`.`product_id` and `id` in (5, 1, 4, 2, 5)))

i thought i need to change id in below line of your code to product_id, so i changed $query->whereIn('id', $user->categories->pluck('id')); to $query->whereIn('product_id', $user->categories->pluck('id'));

but result products was wrong.

do you have any idea?

3 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Show Products Of Categories Of A User

hi i want to find all products that belongs to categories of logged in user.

user have ManyToMany relationship with category and category have ManyToMany relationship with product that's it, why i have this relationships? user can buy products that belongs to specific categories (like Cosmetics products) and i wanna show user products of the categories that he can buy, i have below migrations in category migration

Schema::create('categories', function (Blueprint $table) {

        Schema::create('category_user', function (Blueprint $table) {
            $table->foreign('category_id')->references('id')->on('categories')->onDelete('NO ACTION');
            $table->foreign('user_id')->references('id')->on('users')->onDelete('NO ACTION');

        Schema::create('category_product', function (Blueprint $table) {
            $table->foreign('category_id')->references('id')->on('categories')->onDelete('NO ACTION');
            $table->foreign('product_id')->references('id')->on('products')->onDelete('NO ACTION');

and product table have below columns


and user table have below columns


if you need more info or have any question please let me know,

i found below thread but its relations is not like mine

this link:

4 months ago
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Replied to Returned Variable From Function Is Undefined Sometimes

@snapey thank you it works by replacing $this->between_dates = [];

but still i cant understand why it worked and why i had problem. for example i have two product (room) both of them have reservations. and one of them works fine for returning $this->between_dates and other one throw an error. its so weird.

5 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Returned Variable From Function Is Undefined Sometimes


i have below code in my class for finding dates between two date of a room that called product in my DB

class FrontController extends Controller

    private $between_dates=Array();

  public function unit_single($slug){

        if (!$product){
        //find selected dates of selected product
        foreach ($product->reservations as $orders) {
            //get all days beetween two days and join returned array to existed function==
            $selected_dates=array_merge($selected_dates, $this->get_dates($orders->check_in,$orders->check_out));
        $all_dates = array_unique($selected_dates);



private function get_dates($check_in,$check_out) {
        //start date should be before end date otherwise the Carbon will throw a null
        $period = CarbonPeriod::create($check_in,$check_out);
        foreach ($period as $date) {
        //var dump data for watch its exist or not

      //Error Happen in below code and says 
        return $this->between_dates ;


some times it says undefined property when i want to return $this->between_dates from 'get_dates' function. but every time i check $this->between_dates by dd( $this->between_dates); there is exist array of dates but some times function return it and some times not and say you have problem in this line of code.

Undefined property: App\Http\Controllers\Website\FrontController::$between_dates

For EXMAPLE: for one product that $this->between_dates from 'get_dates' have below array every things works fine

array:13 [▼
  0 => "2020-01-01"
  1 => "2020-01-02"
  2 => "2020-01-03"
  3 => "2020-01-04"
  4 => "2020-01-05"
  5 => "2020-01-06"
  6 => "2020-01-07"
  7 => "2020-01-08"
  8 => "2020-01-09"
  9 => "2020-01-10"
  10 => "2020-01-11"
  11 => "2020-01-12"
  12 => "2020-01-13"

but for another product (room) that i have below dates as reserved date, Laravel will throw an error

array:10 [▼
  0 => "2020-01-21"
  1 => "2020-01-22"
  2 => "2020-01-23"
  3 => "2020-01-24"
  4 => "2020-01-25"
  5 => "2020-01-26"
  6 => "2020-01-27"
  7 => "2020-01-28"
  8 => "2020-01-29"
  9 => "2020-01-30"

any one have any idea?

if you need more info please let me know.