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4 months ago
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Replied to Database Structure Of Templates

I can see two possible solutions.

  1. You add a user_id column to pricing_template_values.
  2. You create a pivot table to link users and pricing_template_values (many-to-many relationship).

I can't say which is best for your need. If the name in pricing_template_values is the different for each user, the first solution is fine. Otherwise the second one will be more flexible (but also a bit more complicated to manage).

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Replied to Nested Comments

Your table structure is fine. But you need a way to tell how many levels deep each comment is, in order to check if child comments are allowed. This could be done with a getLevelAttribute accessor, which counts the number of parents. As long as you've eager loaded all the parents, it shouldn't require any extra calls to the DB.

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Replied to Multiple Form Submission Issue

You could either loop through each form, and merge their FormData into a single object, or you could refactor the components to all be in the same <form>tag. Either way, you'll have to make sure that each input has a unique name, or they will all override each other, and you'd end up with only the last form's data. Depending on the structure, you will probably need to use array syntax for the name attributes, e.g. <input name="forms[0].name">, <input name="forms[1].name"> and so forth.

4 months ago
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Replied to Declaration Of X Should Be Compatible With Y In /path/to/file On Line Z

If you use PhpStorm, you can run an inspection called "Declaration of overridden method should be compatible with parent class."