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18th July, 2018

LaybackSpin left a reply on Creating Database Tables? • 2 months ago

Thank you for your suggestions. Snapey, when you said you need to create models. Are you referring the the "App\nameOfTable"? So this model file isn't auto generated? I'm working on a project made by a previous team and so I have the "App___" files of pre-existing tables. The syntax in those files seem confusing so I gathered it was auto-generated by artisan.

LaybackSpin started a new conversation Creating Database Tables? • 2 months ago

Hi! I'm having troubles creating tables using laravel. Thus far I've been creating them manually in MyPHPAdmin but when I want to reference the table in the controller I get errors regarding "use App\nameOfTable". Is this App"nameOfTable" suppose to be generated through an artisan code?

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