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Level 1
4,775 XP
03 Mar
2 years ago

kaylakaze left a reply on Using Webpack With Externals

If anyone else wants to know this, I've figured it out. Add the following to your webpack.mix.js file before the .js function


and then make sure you load Lodash, Vue, and jQuery using script tags in your pages. My app.js is 64kB instead of 1.1MB doing it this way.

02 Mar
2 years ago

kaylakaze started a new conversation Using Webpack With Externals

How would you go about setting up Vue, Lodash, Bootstrap, and jQuery as externals using the 5.4 webpack system?

I don't need a 1MB .js file that needs to be recompiled and redownloaded every time I update my code which would otherwise be under 100k. Those jQuery, Bootstrap and other libraries are going to be cached by ISPs and, even when not, able to be pulled from much faster CDNs than trying to pull them from my system (plus they can be cached on the user side as well). From my understanding, instead of compiling the code of jQuery, etc into your app.js file, webpack could use externals to compile your stuff in the expectation that, even if $, _, and Vue aren't around now, they will be at runtime. I used to use browserify-shim for this with Elixir.

So how would I go about getting "npm run dev" or "npm run production", etc to use those common libraries as externals?

13 Jun
3 years ago

kaylakaze left a reply on [Tip] Single App - Multi Dbs And Domains

This was a really good tip This has worked great for me, with fairly limited modification to my current code. Thanks.

13 Jan
3 years ago

kaylakaze left a reply on .env Not Reading Variables Sometimes

Have you tried "php artisan config:cache" after changes to the .env file as suggested in that other post?

16 Nov
3 years ago

kaylakaze left a reply on Laravel Socialite - Problem

None of these "solutions" worked for me. Google log in was working for me, then I logged out and tried to log back in and it wouldn't work.

13 Nov
3 years ago

kaylakaze left a reply on Dynamic Gate Abilities

I used your code as a starting point and I think I found a solution (or at least one that works for my needs that seem to fit this question).

    public function boot(GateContract $gate)

        $gate->before(function($user, $ability) use ($gate){
            return $user->hasPermission($ability);

I haven't extensively tested this, but it seems to work from my quick tests. No actual definitions need to be created because all the checking is handled by the before. User::hasPermission is a custom method to test $ability.

09 Jun
4 years ago

kaylakaze left a reply on PDF's And Laravel

mPDF is still by far the best solution that I've found. It only took 5 minutes of looking at dompdf to see it wasn't even a contender. Just a couple of features of mPDF that destroy dompdf right from the start: automated TOC generation with hotlinks and bookmark generation, a pagebreak tag for forcing a pagebreak in markup (with the option to reconfigure all the aspects of the new page), and automatic page numbering. If you just need to spit out a copy of a web page, I guess dompdf works fine, but if you actually need to generate a document, mPDF is the way to go, especially if you need exact precision. It has a bit of a learning curve, but it's not that steep. The only issue real issue I've had with it is being unable to float within a float. I've used it to make lots of things from legal documents to maps to status reports.

I haven't used it with Laravel yet (I'm about to, which is how I ended up here) but I don't anticipate it being a problem at all.

22 Apr
4 years ago

kaylakaze started a new conversation .env Not Reading Variables Sometimes

I've set up a custom variable in my .env file, DISPLAY_TZ, to designate the timezone that the app should display times in. I have the User $tz variable being set to this using getenv('DISPLAY_TZ')?:date_default_timezone_get() and then used by calling setTimezone(Auth::user()->tz) on my Carbon object in the view. Seemingly at random, the times displayed will be in UTC (the date_default value) and not America/New_York (the .env value). I don't think this is a Carbon issue, because when I change it to getenv('DISPLAY_TZ')?:'America/New_York' it's always correct. My app loads many pieces of the page via AJAX, if that could be the issue? Also, seemingly at random, some of my AJAX calls will return my access denied page (I'm using Laraguard) even when I have access to the page and a refresh fixes it. I'm wondering if it's related. I'm using SQLite for my database so I'm not using any database variables from the .env so I wouldn't know if those are also not loading.