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06 May
2 months ago

K3nzie left a reply on Paypal Donation Data

What about the second part? Doing it with paypal's default donation buttons?

K3nzie started a new conversation Paypal Donation Data

Hello everyone, I've recently discovered the Paypal package for laravel to manage payments, and I was wondering if it would work with donations and with a normal account. What is mean is, I have a page where a user can donate some amount to my paypal account and I'd like that I could manage the process in a way that if the payment went fine the user would be redirected to a success page on my website, if there is any error just redirect back to donation page. I'm asking here because I've searched around and it seems like the official API works "live", only with paypal business account, and I'd like to be sure.

Also I thought about the donations buttons, is it possible to use the button and receive some kind of response if the donation went fine or not? It seems it would be much more simple with the default button opposed to using the official API.

29 Oct
8 months ago

K3nzie left a reply on Where/How To Place Vue Instance And Components

@martinbean That was not my question, I know how to render components, please go read the code on the stackoverflow link I posted.

My question is wheter to place one #app div after the body and having one Vue instance or place various #app1 #app2 divs and have multiple vue instances. What's the best practice? How you do it when it's not an SPA, is it wrong to have different instances for different components?

K3nzie started a new conversation Where/How To Place Vue Instance And Components

Hello everyone, I 'm here today cause I have some doubt about how to use laravel and vuejs togheter, considering I'm not doing a SPA, and all I use Vue for is making small things dynamic (db results in table, searchbars etc), should I use one instance of Vue to manage all components and use a global Vue const, or should I use various Vue instances for different components in different pages?

It may sound silly but I've started with Vue and that's the first thought I had when I began using it with laravel.

You can also check my question on stackoverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53037478/laravel-and-vuejs-where-how-to-put-instance-and-components/53041033#53041033 to see if you want, some code examples of what I mean, take into consideration also those answers please, I want to have a clear idea on how to move.

26 Jan
1 year ago

K3nzie started a new conversation Laravel 5.5 And VueJS, How To User Both Togheter Correctly

I guess this question has already been posted in different forms over time, but I still didn't find the answer I'm looking for:

I'm having troubles implementing vueJS in my Laravel app, I wanna keep server and front-end very much separated but in this case it doesn't seem so easy. I have the classic blog project, where every article has some tags associated with it, so there's a classic many-to-many relationship and everything is set.

When I edit an article, I wanna have a section where all the tags are displayed and also you can add a new tag, what I wanna achieve is that my Javascript (and so my vue) only manages the rendering of those tags on the page, so that when I enter in the edit page I can see all associated tags, BUT, i only wanna edit the input tag inside my form, I don't wanna do a POST request in Vue, I wanna keep it PHP, I want laravel validation, I don't wanna write another one for the javascript, I want javascript to only edit the DOM when I wanna add a tag, so that I insert a new one and it immediately gets pushed inside the already existing array of tags, so in real-time the tags are updated, but when I submit the form is my PHP that handles the server request, not vue, and this for now seems impossible because in order to update correctly the tags when adding one (or removing one), the data inside vue needs to have a list of tags, otherwise it won't work, this means I have to create a new route (for example /tags/{article_id}) and a new controller function in order to return tags associated with that article, so this also means that I can't give to PHP the tags that I rendered (cause for example they're in a list, not an input select (due to the appearence I want to give)) isn't there a cleaner way to do this? I'm trying to wrap my head around vuejs but sometimes it feels like stuff would be easier in jQuery (?), I don't know... I hope I explained myself correctly.