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2nd March, 2018

Janaka left a reply on Is It Safe To Add `stream` Key In Mail.php In Laravel? • 7 months ago

Since this is only a configuration key and does not contain any sensitive information, I dont see anything wrong :)

Janaka started a new conversation Sharing Session With Laravel 5.1 And Laravel 5.5 App • 7 months ago

Hi, I'm trying to share sessions between Laravel 5.5 app and a Laravel 5.1 app. I configured sessions configurations of Laravel 5.5 app to 5.1 app (since 5.1 app is the master app). I'm sharing the same domain and structure is as follows, www.<5.1 app>.com/<5.5 app name>

I was able to see sessions in 5.5 app when I set sessions in 5.1 app . But the problem is I cannot seems to share Auth users across these two apps. I understand there are few different changes in Authenticating methods for an example in 5.5 app it looks for the session key like login_web_xxx wherein 5.1 app it looks for login_xxxx.

I suppose if I change that session key, I might be able to access 5.1 user data. In 5.5 it uses following method to get the session key for the user (SessionGuard line 616)

/** * Get a unique identifier for the auth session value. * * @return string */ public function getName() { return 'login_'.$this->name.'_'.sha1(static::class); }

Can anyone suggest me what the logic it has used to get the session key in Laravel 5.1 app?

Thank you.

12th March, 2017

Janaka started a new conversation Required_with Validation With Exists Validation Not Working • 1 year ago

Hi, I have this validation rule 'declaration_of_owner' => 'required_with:different_owner|exists:uploads,uid',

where different_owner is a checkbox. So the idea is to check the value of declaration_of_owner field match a database record is the different_owner checkbox is checked.

The problem is above rule ignores required_with:different_owner rule and try to validate exists rule if the checkbox is unchecked.

Any help to tackle this issue is highly appreciated,

Thank you

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