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09 Aug
1 month ago

Jacey left a reply on Eloquent Help...

But then I get an array. I would like a Collection.

Jacey started a new conversation Eloquent Help...

Does anybody know how to convert the following raw SQL into an eloquent query?

 , COALESCE(y.sold,0) sold
  FROM products p
 ( SELECT product_id
        , SUM(quantity) sold 
     FROM order_items oi
     JOIN orders o
       ON o.id = oi.order_id 
      AND o.paid is not null 
       BY product_id
 ) y 
ON y.product_id = p.id
 WHERE p.product_type_id = 1 
 AND DATE(p.visible_date) <= '2019-08-08 17:10:12' 
 AND p.active = 1 
 AND (p.end_date >= '2019-08-08 17:10:12' OR p.end_date IS NULL)
28 Apr
4 months ago

Jacey left a reply on Naming Convention For Models With Relationships

I think UserLoginHistory is redundant. Since only users will be logging in, LoginHistory is plenty descriptive. If you had a model named Photo and there was only one kind of photo, that would be enough. If not, maybe you need a UserPhoto and a ProductPhoto, etc, so the differentiation makes sense. But not with logins.

Applying that same logic, is there more than one Device? People might say that it's logical to assume that nobody but a user will have a device. You don't need a UserDevice, DogDevice, CupcakeDevice? If not, Device makes sense.

Personally, I try to keep my model names as short as possible without being confusing because I'm lazy and don't like to type any more than necessary. A UserLoginHistory now needs a UserLoginHistoryController and boy does that get long.

27 Apr
4 months ago

Jacey left a reply on Querying Relationship Existence

What are dispatches? Are they another model? Is it a colum in the same table?

Jacey left a reply on Default Register Route To Put Middleware. How To Do It

In App\Http\Controllers\Auth\RegisterController, modify the constructor:


public function __construct() { $this->middleware('guest'); }


public function __construct() { $this->middleware('superadmin'); }

Jacey left a reply on Naming Convention For Models With Relationships

Convention would dictate that you call the first model User, not Users.

I think I would have just the one additional model, LoginHistory, would would have a table that includes the user_id, device they logged in with and the datetime of the login. It avoids the duplication of the datetime of the login that would be present in both tables if you had both a LoginHistory and a UserDevce.

Jacey started a new conversation Eloquent Relationships

Episodes 4 and 5 don't seem to be loading. I can see all others, but these two just keep spinning. Can anybody confirm?

Jacey left a reply on Laravel - How To Calculate The Sum Of Objects In An Array In Blade View

In MySQL, you can select an item or items and give them an alias. Let's say you have a column in your table called "subtotal" but you don't want to call it that once you start using the data in your views. Your query might look like, "SELECT subtotal FROM table as sub" and then you could start using order->sub in your views, for example. Well, MySQL can also perform calculations as part of the query. I have an "orders" table that has a subtotal column and a tax column, but no total column. When I want to grab all the data from the orders table and also have the total be a part of the Eloquent collection, I can write this query in my controller:

$orders = Order::where('user_id', $id)->selectRaw('*, subtotal + tax as total')->get()

This gets me every order associated with a given user with the total cost of the order too. So now I can do:

@foreach($orders as $order) {{ $order->total }} @endforeach

Maybe this is something that can help you.