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Level 13
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2 months ago
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Replied to How To Debug Maximum Execution Time Of 30 Seconds

set execution time to 0 (infinate) and run https://blackfire.io/ to profile the code.

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Replied to Creating A POST API To Save Many Relational Data

Your receiveing the data as a json array. you need to decode your request first.


2 months ago
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Replied to Laracast Comments Bugs

Thanks @jeffreyway the edit box nows goes away and mentions work, however the orginal bug with editing threads still parsists. Sorry to be a bother.

Also idea, Maybe you could make a github repo for the soul purpose of reporting bugs/feature requests on laracasts? Or do you have other official ways of doing so?

You could even do a series on it going through various bugs people report or new feartures. I know you dabbled with in one of your other series.

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Replied to Laracast Comments Bugs

Update, seems the post time bug has been fixed. will test the rest to see.

Bug 2 still persists

It seems Bug 3 has gotten worse, Now when editing comments the edit box does not go away (even tho the edit goes through) See: https://i.imgur.com/FQ6rWdJ.gifv


TypeError: "t.response.data.body is undefined"
    t https://laracasts.com/js/app.js?id=d069e02e2b313d67d700:1
    Qe https://laracasts.com/js/vendor.js?id=65f9c83098145e784c22:1
    qe https://laracasts.com/js/vendor.js?id=65f9c83098145e784c22:1
    Ue https://laracasts.com/js/vendor.js?id=65f9c83098145e784c22:1
    ze https://laracasts.com/js/vendor.js?id=65f9c83098145e784c22:1


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Replied to Laravel 6 On Shared Hosting Not Working

I think its because of laravel 6's new AWS serverless capabilities.

Frameworks are really not ment to be ran on shared hosting because of the restrictions they put in place.

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Replied to What Is The Best Approach To Get Pc Name Or Unique Identifier?

There is no way for you to just get infomation about a user or their system part from the user agent. There is no uniqueness to a request other then their IP, but even this isnt unique as they could be using a VPN or on a shared network.

2 months ago
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Replied to Can't Get Ignition To Open File In Phpstorm

Do you get the same as me?

Protocol phpstorm:// is unknown

or a different error, for some reason there is no PHPStorm URI on my PC, and google doesnt really answer the question of IF phpstorm even has a URI

2 months ago
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Replied to Duplicate Hour_start & Hour_end

I'm guessing your doing something like Trainging::create($conflictTraining) and the id collumn is colliding.

Try doing

$conflictTraining = Training::where('fk_motorbike', $fk_motorbike)
            ->whereDate('date_seance', "=" , $date_start)
            ->where('hour_start', "<=" , $hour_start)
            ->where('hour_end', "<=" , $hour_end)
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Replied to Laracast Comments Bugs

Cool, is there an issue tracker where i can see what has been reported, status and report bugs officially?

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Started a new Conversation Laracast Comments Bugs

So I was watching the new Laravel 6 video and left a comment that for me, a fresh laravel 6.0 install still uses whoops, I instantly noticed when i posted the comment it was posted "5 hours ago"

Bug 1. New comments labels as being posted "5 hours ago"

https://i.imgur.com/eoxfTLH.gifv -- FIXED

Bug 2. Mentions arent posting correctly? (At least on edit)

https://i.imgur.com/iXAqsy3.gifv -- FIXED

Edit, Also on new comments: https://i.imgur.com/ocLsecH.gifv Also the autoscroll is annoying, can we remove it? Escpecially since it auto scrolled past the comment i posted.

Bug 3. When editing a (this) thread you need to reselect the section to post to?


Update, To recreate post a thread, edit that thread, then edit it again and the section is black and you need to select it. Refreshing the page fixes this.

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Commented on Ignition Is Laravel's Amazing New Error Page

@mathiasonea Are you sure? I have a fresh install and it still uses whoops and there packagist also pulls in whoops https://packagist.org/packages/laravel/laravel

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Commented on Ignition Is Laravel's Amazing New Error Page

Same, I just downloaded 6.0 to try it out. Its still using Whoops for me.