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31 Mar
2 months ago

Continuum left a reply on Dynamic Custom Domain Routing

This is a typical multi-tenant site config. You will end up looking into CNAME DNS entries, and wildcard SSL certificates. There are some deeper issues at play too, regarding scaling, then your architecture might have to change.

Continuum left a reply on Possible Help Configuring On Laravel Package (Domain Availability)

I would recommend using Diamatrix (Paid solution), or becoming an official EPP domain reseller (also paid, and somewhat expensive to get started) to get access to an API that will do this without a problem.

A scappy way of doing this might be to cUrl ( and scrape the results, but they will rate-limit you. If this is for your company website, you will probably not have the traffic yet to worry about being rate limited, and when you do have the traffic, you can look at one of the paid routes I suggest above.

( A fellow KZN'er :) )

30 Mar
2 months ago

Continuum started a new conversation Is Passport Right For Me ? - Is There A Better Way ?

Ideally, I would like to write some multi-tenant software that gets hosted on different geographic instances of DigitalOcean. I am not looking to share one database (the implementation database) between my instances of this software (on each DO install), but need a way of having a user log in once at any one (or only one ~ my "master" site) of the instances, and then being able to follow a link to another instance (completely separate install / database & URL) and already be logged in securely so that the "context switching" feels seamless without having to re-authenticate, given the new URL.

General notes: Not all Users will have access to all software instances, Users may have different roles on different instances. Researching the previous times questions like this were asked - A Middleware / Guard solution is too low level to a single instance or implies a shared database; I think need to bounce authentication off a 1st or 3rd party master authentication location. (Like my actual site, and not one of the "Company" instances of this software). The client (consumer) instances (of the software itself) could be or could be CNAMED to - Where "Company" is the tenant, each with its own, mostly unique, Users.

Yes, I have watched Taylor's video on Passport; I still have this question.

Is this even possible?

09 Mar
3 months ago

Continuum started a new conversation Basic Authentication With Dusk

I'd like to run Dusk tests on a remote site that is behind basic auth (.htaccess) - The browser will pop-up a browser-level dialog that asks for the authentication details.

After a search on SO, I see the suggested course of action is to do: $browser->visit('http://username:[email protected]'); 'username' and 'password' in this instance, are correct for a working username and password, however, my tests are failing, and the screenshot shows a 401 - authorization required.

Is Dusk able to authenticate in this way ? Is there another work-around without having to disable the htaccess on the protected URL ?

11 Dec
6 months ago

Continuum started a new conversation PDF Mailable Attachment & Nova

I'm having a really difficult time trying to get a PDF attached to an out-bound mail. Its execution is currently wrapped in an action as part of Laravel Nova.

Within my mailable I have:

     return $this->subject('My awesome subject')
              ->attach(public_path('uploads/document.pdf'), [
                  'as' => 'document.pdf',
                  'mime' => 'application/pdf'

This completes, telling me the action completed successfully, but alas, there is no attachment (or mail for that matter).

I have managed to get a text file to attach (with a mail being formed), which leads me to think the pdf document has illegal utf-8 chars in it, but changing the preceding code to:

// In the mailable 

public function __construct ($model)
   $this->file = base64_encode(File::get(public_path('uploads/document.pdf')));

public function build()
        return $this->subject('My Awesome Title')
            ->attachData(base64_decode($this->file), 'document.pdf', [
                'mime' => 'application/pdf',

Does not solve the issue but also confirms it ran successfully... with no mail showing up (Telescope // (Log Driver for mail) ).

The PDF is a 4mb attachment, I have tried to queue and send() the job right away ... at some point, I suspected a table could not hold my entire serialised 4mb PDF file, but as far as I know using the mail:: ->send() method should skip the serialisation of a large PDF job into a mis-matched job table column size.

I'm looking for viable suggestions to get me around this sticking point... Ideas anyone ?

08 Jan
1 year ago

Continuum started a new conversation PhpStorm Trait Method Discovery

I'm noticing that PHPstorm doesn't "discover" the methods that I have inside traits. Given this example: auth()->user()->myTrait() I can use PhpStorm to click through to the auth class, the user model, but not the trait or where the trait method is located.

My question is, how can I ensure that this just works for all new projects I start ?

Extra info: I am aware of the Barryvdh ide-helper package, but don't want to have to rely on something external on every project. I can confirm I am also running the Laravel Plugin inside of PhpStorm.

12 Aug
1 year ago

Continuum left a reply on Return Posts Where Related Many To Many Results Are Null

Thanks a lot - It seems laughably simple when I see it like that.

Continuum started a new conversation Return Posts Where Related Many To Many Results Are Null

If I have a Post model, with related tags (many to many through post_tag table) - how would I specifically load only the Posts where there are no related tags as yet ?

I have already tried such butchery as: Post::with('tags')->wherePivot('tags', null)->first();

... But I clearly have no clue whats going on :)

I'm happy to use a query scope if someone can show me how that would typically look. Something like Post::untagged()->first();

18 Aug
3 years ago

Continuum left a reply on Ubuntu 14.04 Libsass Bindings Issue

You sir, are a legend ! :) Thanks, that did the trick.

Continuum started a new conversation Ubuntu 14.04 Libsass Bindings Issue

I'm having some difficulty in getting Gulp to work correctly (for the painless elixir builds series) - Running Ubuntu 14.04 and have installed nodejs through apt-get. "node -v" gives me 0.10.40 - and I see on the mac Jeff was running 0.12.4 during the latest elixir series.

When I run Gulp, I get: Error: 'libsass' bindings not found in ..../linux-x64-11/ I can navigate deep within that path and I see my folder is called /linux-x64-14/

I have uninstalled and re-installed node every which way I know how, and removed the node_modules folder several times during that process, even tried nvm for 0.12.4 which seemed to make it worse.

Coming from a Windows background, I'm a little out of my depth with Linux, so if anyone can suggest a fix but also HOW to go about making the fix, I would appreciate it.

17 Aug
3 years ago

Continuum left a reply on 3 Way Pivot Table Help

Lol. I think you and I are currently writing the same software - I currently have your issue, and the exact same table names.

As far as I know, there is no easy solution to this. Laravel does not support three way pivots - but there is this Laravel 4 library that might help:

I'm extremely inexperienced, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I'm currently considering creating joining tables that contain three id's in them, and then writing my own logic on the model to make it work for my requirements.

11 Aug
3 years ago

Continuum left a reply on 3 Way Many To Many

@bobby - Thanks, I have taken a look at that and I'm not convinced its the correct solution - In the docs the example is Countries, Posts, Users - This goes under the assumption that a User belongs to only one country and that that link is set on the Users table (country_id). In my example, Countries would be organisations, here, my User can belong to Many organisations, but when he does - his roles change.

I'm really quite new at this, so am I missing something ?

Continuum started a new conversation 3 Way Many To Many

I've been thinking about a database schema problem for what feels like forever and am now seeking a more experienced brain to point me in a good direction.

I'd like to have three tables,

Users Organisations Roles

But have a many to many relationship between all three. That is ... A user can belong to many organisations, and have one or many roles within that user-organisation pair. (Developer & Designer for example), but not necessarily have the same exact roles with another organisation.

A pivot table seems great as an initial start as far as the user-organisation pair is concerned, but as soon as I try get a user-organisation-role going, things seem to fall apart.

Could someone please post some simplistic schema structure and potentially a model sample establishing the eloquent methods which will be used to make it work ?

19 Jan
4 years ago

Continuum left a reply on Really Need Advanced Blade Templating Lesson

Disclaimer -- I'm quite a n00b -- I came to start a new project and realised how little I knew about iterating through multi-dimensional arrays to build an indented recursive parent-child menu. Working with blade and partials, and helper functions to output very bootstrap'ish HTML has gotten my code so messy so fast -- I don't mean to hijack Vinces' thread, but if an advanced Blade video worked in something that could be real-world useful, like a recursive menu structure, I know I, for one certainly benefit a great deal.