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Level 5
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5 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Add A Trait To A Class As A Private Variable

Hello there!

I've got a trait that wish to use in an abstract way inside a class, my objective is to use the trait in the following manner,


I've attempted the following, but it does not work as expected,

trait NumberFormatter
    function toCurrency($float)
        return number_format($float, 5 , '.', ' ');

class Sales {

    use NumberFormatter;

    private $format;

    public function __construct()
        $this->format = NumberFormatter::class;

    public function getSalesAmount()
        return $this->format->toCurrency('123456.3210');

Is it possible to do something like this in PHP?


5 months ago
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Replied to Count Distinct Children Within Relationship


Your objective is "count how many distinct keys are in a session", thus this should theoretically work, I haven't tested it out.

$count = Session::->whereBetween('end_time', ['2018-05-19 04:42:00', '2019-05-19 04:42:00'])->events->pluck('key')->unique()->count();


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Replied to Integrity Constraint Violation: 1052 Column 'id' In Where Clause Is Ambiguous


You could spend time to hack that function to possibly work, but it would probably still be a hack and look messy. Why don't you try this instead.

On your Group model, add the inverse of the relation,

public function members() {
    return $this->hasMany('App\User');

Then you can easily find the members of multiple groups by passing the as an array into the model's find() method,

$members = Group::find([1, 3, 9, 35, 8])->members; // non-distinct

$unigueMembers = Group::find([1, 3, 9, 35, 8])->members->unique(); //distinct

Just a note, the $members variable will hold a Collection instance and if I'm right, the user may be listed in the collection multiple times, depending on how many groups the user is a member off. Thus you can use the unique() method on the collection to get only unique users.

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Replied to Laravel + Vue.js: [Vue Warn]: Failed To Mount Component: Template Or Render Function Not Defined.

Hi there!

Have you tried moving these two "require" lines up so that the files are loaded before the "import" statement is called?

5 months ago
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Replied to Date Format In Laravel Controller

Awesome! Happy to help.

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Replied to Date Format In Laravel Controller

Pleasure man!

This line will return a string,

$d = DB::table('student_data')->value('date_of_birth');

Now lets overwrite $d with a Carbon instance from the string $d and reformat it like so,

$d = Carbon::createFromFormat('Y-m-d H:i:s', $d)->format('d/m/Y');

Then you can pass $d to the view/blade as before,

...['mydate' => $d]...

Then in blade you can do,

{{ $mydate }}
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Replied to DataTables Error

I had the same issue late last year.

Open your composer.json file and add "yajra/laravel-datatables": "^1.2",

"require": {
        "php": "^7.1.3",
        "fideloper/proxy": "^4.0",
        "laravel/framework": "5.8.*",
        "laravel/tinker": "^1.0",
        "yajra/laravel-datatables": "^1.2"

Then update your project dependencies,

composer update


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Replied to Date Format In Laravel Controller

@KONRMS - It is a bit difficult to see without the code for retrieving the entity.

Lets work on a cleaner approach. are we still talking about the "student_data" table and is there a StudentData model?

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Replied to Date Format In Laravel Controller

Yes, or I completely forgot about about date casting:

You can add this to your StudentData model:

protected $casts = [
    'date_of_birth' => 'datetime:d/m/Y',

Casting works with serialization, thus this should work,

$objStudent = StudentData::first(); // get the first row
$arrStudent = $objStudent->toArray(); //serialize to an array
$d = $arrStudent['date_of_birth']; //15/05/2019

// can also string it together
$d = StudentData::first()->toArray()['date_of_birth']; //15/05/2019

But it is too long and messy.

I would rather just create an accessor on the StudentData model:

public function getBirthDateAttribute()
        return $this->date_of_birth->format('d/m/Y');

Then in Blade you can simply do,

{{ $student->birth_date }} //15/05/2019

Anyhow, hope this helps.

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Replied to Date Format In Laravel Controller

Hi there,

Please try as per the following:

$d = DB::table('student_data')->first()->date_of_birth //returns a string value via the query builder

$d = App\StudentData::first()->created_at //returns a Carbon instance via Eloquent

$d->format('d/m/Y'); // "12/05/2019"

Then in you blade template you can do somethong like,

{{ $student->date_of_birth->format('d/m/Y') }}


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Replied to In Axios Request I Got Has Been Blocked By CORS Policy Error

This CORS thing again! I've tripped over it many times.

Checkout this Laracast where Jeffery discuss VueJS and CORS in detail.


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Replied to Date Format In Laravel Controller

I believe when retrieving a datetime value from your DB via Eloquent, the returned property would be a Carbon instance, and thus the following should work.


Carbon Docs


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Replied to DataTables Sorting & Searching Not Working

Hello there,

I believe there is a missing parameter true when setting the defaults.

Try changing your code as follow:

$.extend(true, $.fn.dataTable.defaults, {
    ordering: true,
    select: true,
    "order": [[ 0, 'desc' ], [ 1, 'desc' ], [2, 'desc'], [3, 'desc']]
} );

Checkout this package, makes server-side pagination, sorting etc. a breeze!



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Replied to SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity Constraint Violation: 1048 Column 'product_id' Cannot Be Null (SQL: Insert Into `category_product`

Hi Irankhosravi,

I encountered a similar issue before, and then realized that I was testing without a valid user login. If there is no user logged in, then auth()->user()->id is null and saving a null value to the DB in a table column with a foreign key or relation would break. At the time I was manually testing by hand, and simply registering a user and logging in, and then navigating to the page I was working on resolved the issue for me. I also fixed my code by validating that a user was in fact authenticated using a guard or middleware.

Hope this helps,


5 months ago
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Started a new Conversation Where To Store Your JWT Token

Hello there!

I'm consuming a RESTful API using Guzzle and initially do an authentication request to JWT authorization token that is to be included in the header of all subsequent requests.

This token is typically valid for a predetermined period of time, 24 hours in this case, and thus I wish to store the token somewhere and optimally reuse it. I don't want to store it in a DB as this means that have to query the DB each and every time I call the class. Secondly I aiming to find some database / platform agnostic solution that I can apply to all my projects, as I'm consuming various APIs that works in a similar manner.

I am currently storing the token in a ".token" file in the root of my app, and then read the file each time the class is instantiated, but I am a bit concerned for security and performance.

How do you store your API tokens and is there some other efficient solution that I can implement over all my projects?