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Level 8
35,040 XP
2 years ago
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Replied to Laravel 5.5 So Slow. Using Windows 7 And Xampp. Why? How To Make This Right?

@krystian2160 Can you try with a 5.4 version and see if it suffers the same problem?

2 years ago
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Started a new conversation Need Opinion For My Next Project

Hi. I need some opinion on using laravel for website with reactjs and lumen for api.

Just a bit about myself. I'm quite good at developing sites using laravel. I checked out lumen a bit, never used it. And I've never developed any API based app.

For this next project I'll be working on, I'm thinking about using reactjs. Reason being this website needs to be intuitive and also my interest of trying it out. Another is that as I read from various people, I can use React Native to build mobile apps. It is planned for this project to later build mobile apps for this web app. Additionally good performance is a must and needs to have good response time so that it feels very quick. Now because I plan to use reactjs, most of my network calls will be api based.

Some other addional stuffs regarding the project:

  • Will have Admin panel for the main app owner, Business panel for registered business partners to sell their products and the frontend web page to buy items. Customers may get an orders panel.
    • website.com
    • partners.website.com
    • admin.website.com
    • api.website.com
  • Items stocks needs to be kept updated in real time.
  • Using a single Mysql database.
  • Estimated visitors are about 20,000/day.

With that, I would like to know...

  • Is the API routes in Laravel fast enough to response in good times? I'm considering this because if it does, then I don't have to add complexity to my project by adding Lumen.
  • Should I switch completely to Lumen? Thinking cause the web pages won't have much to do aside from rendering the reactjs. Then again Lumen doesn't have session so not sure what to do here. JWT maybe?? :S
  • Should I use Laravel + Lumen combined? Maybe it will solve the session issue, I guess...???
  • Any recommendations/tips for building API? I know few things:
    • Must be Restful
    • Versioning
    • Maintaining Status Codes Any more guidance would be helpful.
  • Is single database usage going to be problem for my estimated visitors?

These are all I have in my head now. Maybe missing something... or a lot of things. Please ask if need more info.


3 years ago
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Replied to Localization Series

Jeff, work on this please.


3 years ago
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Started a new conversation Is There Microservice Example In PHP/Lumen?

I would like to see an example of how a microservice architecture is structured and how each services are communicated with other for an app. Is there any example available in PHP or better in Lumen???

3 years ago
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Started a new conversation How Do I Begin TDD Of An App?

I watched some TDD videos. Understood how a class is tested in a Unit test. But most of them are just testing single class or more like testing a small component.

I'm going a begin a small project soon (Job Search based app). I want to start the app in a TDD way. So how can I begin the whole test? Exactly what tests should I do in the start?

I need a startup boost here. I hope that once I get the basic startup, I can move forward on my own.

3 years ago
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Replied to Localization Series


3 years ago
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Started a new conversation Git Subtree And Submodule

Hey Jeffrey, I've learnt most of the basics of Git thanks to your wonderful videos. Now there are some advanced things that I still have hard time understanding how they work. They are subtree and submodules stuff. Can you make some videos of these 2 features?

3 years ago
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Started a new conversation Connect To Host Machine MySQL From Inside Vagrant Box?

I'm looking for ways to connect my php projects (inside vagrant) to use host machine's MySQL connection. How can I do it?

Using Homestead if needed.

3 years ago
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Started a new conversation Vagrant - How To Set Value To $confDir

homestead's VagrantFile has these lines:

confDir = $confDir ||= File.expand_path("~/.homestead")

homesteadYamlPath = confDir + "/Homestead.yaml"
homesteadJsonPath = confDir + "/Homestead.json"
afterScriptPath = confDir + "/after.sh"
aliasesPath = confDir + "/aliases"

How can i set the $confDir variable during vagrant up? I'm using Windows OS.

3 years ago
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Started a new conversation SQL Help - Get All From Left Table Regardless Of Right Table

Hi, I need help on working out this simple SQL query. I need to get all results of the left column regardless of data on the right. Could not find solution for my specific case. Here is the schema:


CREATE TABLE api_settings (
  `key` VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL,
  `value` VARCHAR(30) NULL

INSERT INTO `apis` (id, name) VALUES (1, 'API 1'), (2,'API 2'), (3,'API 3');

INSERT INTO `api_settings` (api_id, user_id, `key`, `value`) VALUES
(1, 1, 'api_key', 'a'),
(1, 2, 'api_key', 'd'),
(2, 1, 'api_key', 'b'),
(2, 2, 'api_key', 'e'),
(3, 1, 'api_key', 'c');

The output I'm expecting here is this:

| api_id  |   name  | user_id | value |
| ------- | ------- | ------- |-------|
|    1    |  API 1  |    1    |   a   |
|    2    |  API 2  |    1    |   b   |
|    3    |  API 3  |    1    |   c   |
|    1    |  API 1  |    2    |   d   |
|    2    |  API 2  |    2    |   e   |
|    3    |  API 3  |    2    | NULL  |

The query I tried is this:

SELECT apis.id, apis.`name`, api_settings.user_id, api_settings.value FROM apis LEFT JOIN api_settings ON apid.id = api_settings.api_id

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

4 years ago
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Started a new conversation How Can I Make Relations Modular For Package Development?

I'm trying to build some modular packages to simplify my workflow when trying to support multiple projects. Their are some problem I'm facing, but right now the main problem I'm having is with the Eloquent Part and making relations in a modular way.

So I took out the App\User and placed them in my modular package User modules Model directory, So its new place is Module\User\Model\User. I have another Model UserProfile in that same place and because of it, I can put the relations out their because it is part of that same module.

However there is a Acl module which is dependent on the User module and has Role model. Because of it I can add relation to the Role model with User model, but can't do the same in the User model with Role, because User module is not dependent on Acl module. To add the relation on User with Role, I have to add code in the User and that's what I wanted to avoid. What if one of my app doesn't need Acl?

Also what happens when I start to add Blog, News, Comments etc. Do I have to add relations on the User model for all of them? What if one of them doesn't require News module, should my news relation codes still stays in the User model.

I really want to use Eloquent because of some of its great features when dealing with saving relation based data. If there is a simple solution on how to avoid adding tons of relations on the User model, do please guide me. Also this is not just about User model, it could be on any model when working with modular application (or packages in my case).

4 years ago
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Started a new conversation How Use Sublime PHP Lint With Homestead/Vagrant

I'm a Windows User and use Sublime 3 as my development editor. I use package Sublime-PHPCS for linting php errors. All this time I've been using XAMPP where PHP is installed on my main system and I can set it's path in my editor. Now I've been thinking about getting rid of XAMPP and use Homestead or any other Vagrant Boxes to manage my development.

However I can't get how to use my Host Machine's Sublime 3 PHP linting system (Along with PHPCS, PHP-CS-FIXER etc) to work if my PHP installation is in the VM. When PHP was installed on my main machine, this wasn't an issue. But now that I want specifically use a VM for my day to day development, I need a solution of targeting the VM's PHP.

If anyone know a solution, please do let me know.