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18 Oct
3 years ago

3ll0 left a reply on Pivot Or Polymorphism?

Thanks, that led me to the right track after some testing.

17 Oct
3 years ago

3ll0 left a reply on Pivot Or Polymorphism?

Makes sense so far, will give it a try.

Now one last thing I am stuck on with this construct. Let's say I have tables and models like these.

- name

- parent_tool_id **(tool table)**
- name

- model_id **(e.g. App\ToolOne::first()->id)**
- model_type **(e.g. App\ToolOne)**
- some_column

namespace App;

class Tool extends Model
    public function calls()
        return $this->hasManyThrough(Call::class, ToolOne::class);
    // This would also need ToolTwo/Three/Four, pretty much merge all Calls from all 4 Tools

The issue is that there is no `calls.tool_*_id` with this construct.

The Tool Model would pretty much be a `Collector` which should give access to all Tool Calls and Views through the 5 Tool* Models.

So how would I merge and access the relations of ToolOne/two/Three/Four through a "Tool Collector" Model with the advised setup of polymorphism and meta data? Could I store a `parent_tool_id` in the `calls_meta` table and use it within the model for a relationship?
16 Oct
3 years ago

3ll0 left a reply on Pivot Or Polymorphism?

All tools are completely different but the Calls and Views tables aren't that different.

The Calls and Views tables have about 10 columns each and the *_calls and *_views tables have 2-3 columns that are specific to the tool for which the table is. That is why I am using Pivot tables at the moment since I can store the shared data in the Calls and Views and create an entry on the Pivot table with the tool-specific extra columns.

3ll0 started a new conversation Pivot Or Polymorphism?

I am working on a side-project which has 4 kinds of Tools/Widgets, each has Calls and Views. All Calls and Views contain the same data for about 80%.

The other 20% are data that differs between each tool which is why I am working with pivot tables at the moment. Meaning I store the 80% that is shared data in the Calls and Views and the other 20% go into the tool_one_calls for example.

This works fine and keeps everything neat and clean but I thought about polymorphism which would remove the *_calls and *_views tables. The problem I then see is that there are like 3-4 empty columns in most cases since the columns from tools_two,_three,_four would be empty if the Model saved would be a tool_one.

So would Pivot tables or using Polymorphism be the right choice for this case?

The table names at the moment.